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Best Adventures In Sri Lanka

On the rise to becoming one of the greatest vacation destinations, Sri Lanka boasts wild and thrilling natural attractions that provide an incredible travel adventure. Sri Lanka might not be the first place that you think of when you think of thrilling adventures, but never doubt! This Southern Asian island holds some of the world’s most favored treasures for adventure enthusiasts. Everything from scaling waterfalls, hiking to historically controversial landmarks, trekking through vast tea farms and more. Tripio came together to create this custom list for adventure seekers planning a vacation in Sri Lanka. On this list, travelers will find Tripio’s favorite adventure attractions in the nation. These activities can help you build the perfect travel custom itinerary on the Tripio App. Let’s get started!

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Hike to Aberdeen Waterfall

Aberdeen Waterfall

Photo by Sadeeq Ishan on Unsplash

Named after the third largest city in Scotland, the Aberdeen Waterfall truly does boast sheer greatness. This waterfall has a range of nearly 100 meters. Here travelers will come face to face with Sri Lankan jungles while trekking to the falls. Stunning viewpoints and lookouts along the way are just a bonus for your hike! Aberdeen waterfall is always a hit with travelers. First time visitors looking to spice up their vacation to Sri Lanka should highly consider adding the trail to Aberdeen Waterfall to their custom itinerary on the Tripio App.

Surfing at Hiriketiya Beach

Surfing at Hiriketiya Beach

Photo by Croyde Bay on Unsplash

For all the surfers out there who may or may not have heard about the swells in Sri Lanka. At first thought you may not think this island is worth your time as a surfer. Fear not, Sri Lanka is totally radicial for surfing! In fact over the last several decades, Sri Lanka’s surfing culture and population have grown immensely. Hiriketiya Beach is one of the best beaches for surfing. Here you can find waves for all skill levels. Whether you are looking to dip your toes in the worldy waters of surfing, or are an experienced surfer looking to tear up the waves, make sure to check out Hiriketiya Beach on the Tripio App and add this activity to your custom itinerary. 

Trek the Ceylon Tea Trails, Sri Lanka

Trek the Ceylon Tea Trails  Sri Lanka

Photo by Sheik Althaf on Unsplash

At number 3 on Tripio’s list we have an incredible activity that combines a fantastic adventure with a bit of Sri Lanka’s culture. Known around the world for their tea, Sri Lanka has thousands of acres spread across the island dedicated to the tea making process and production. At Ceylon Tea Farm, travelers are given the opportunity to explore the acreage and trek through the vast fields of Sri Lankan tea. This activity puts travelers in the natural landscape of the island. Stunning views, incredible trail blazing and irresistible smells of various teas along the way.

Hiking to Diyaluma Waterfall + Infinity Pool

Hiking to Diyaluma Waterfall Sri Lanka

Photo by Isuru Ranasinha on Unsplash

For the daring travelers looking to add nothing but pure adventure to their vacation to Sri Lanka, we have the hike to Diyaluma Falls. Tripio could not resist upon adding this thrilling adventure to our Top 10. This destination is a bucket list destination for Sri Lanka. Here travelers will hike to the leafy mountains of Sri Lanka and stumble upon a spiritual gargantuan waterfall. At the top of this waterfall, adventure enthusiasts will find an all natural infinity pool. Yes, this infinity pool looks over the edge of the waterfall hundreds of feet below. Serious adventure enthusiasts simply must add this bucket list adventure to their itinerary created on the Tripio App. 

Climbing to the Garden of Eden

Climbing to the Garden of Eden Adams Peak Sri Lanka

Photo by Dhanura Munasinghe on Unsplash

Adam’s Peak holds a holy presence to several world religions. This location is thought by many to be the very same of which the Biblical Garden of Eden once was. This concept comes from the idea that the Garden of Eden must have been high on top of a mountain to avoid the Great floods of the Bible. In 1358, Adam’s Peak was found by a Florentine Monk who believed he found the Garden of Eden. The mountain has been climbed for thousands of years. The peak was even visited by historic figures such as Arab traveler Ibn Batuta and perhaps even Alexander the Great. This is an adventure that needs to be conquered by travelers! What an enlightening and spiritual experience it is to climb to the peak of mount Adams. 

Surfing and Snorkeling at Hikkaduwa Beach

Hikkaduwa Beach Sri Lanka

Photo by Croyde Bay on Unpslash

One more for the surfing fandom out there. As you may be familiar by now, Sri Lanka is a surfers paradise. Hikkaduwa Beach offers some of the tastiest waves on the island. Locals come to take on this surf every day of the week. Medium-large swells can be found at this location. Hikkaduwa beach is also a popular destination for snorkeling and scuba diving. Incredible coral reefs and sea life can be found along the shore of Hikkaduwa beach. Grab your surf and snorkel gear and make a day out of this fun-packed destination!

Trail to Ancient City Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Trail to Ancient City Sigiriya  Sri Lanka

Photo by Dylan Shaw on Unsplash

Sigiriya is one of the world’s most underrated historic sites. This landmark is often featured as the 8th wonder of the world. Sigiriya opens up a world of adventure and a journey through Sri Lankan history. The impressive features of Sigiriya is the stone staircase that climbs the entire mountain and allows entry into this ancient civilization. This adventure is meant for everybody. Sigiriya attracts travelers of all skill levels. Scale the cliffside of Lion Rock and rediscover the ancient fortress that towers over the jungles of Sri Lanka. This destination is a must-see for all historic buffs and adventure enthusiasts planning a vacation to Sri Lanka. Don’t miss out on adding Sigiriya to your custom travel itinerary. 

Chasing Sunsets at Coconut Tree Hill, Sri Lanka

Coconut Tree Hill Sri Lanka

Photo by Andrei Alekseev on Unsplash

For one adventure that’s as easy as pulling over off the side of the road, hopping out and grabbing your camera, Coconut Tree Hill surely is difficult to beat. Tripio could not resist adding this world class destination to our list of Sri Lanka’s best adventures. For more reasons than not, Coconut Tree Hill fits perfectly into travel itineraries for those looking to get a full experience of the country during their visit to Sri Lanka. This is a bucket-list top 10 destination for any traveler! Coconut Tree Hill is one of the most photographed destinations in all of Sri Lanka. This popular promontory is a red-rock lined cliffside decorated with beachy coconut palm trees. This attraction is popular for ocean views and sunset walks. Beach adventures can be found here including sunbathing and swimming in the ocean.

 Safari Tour Through Udawalawe National Park

Udawalawe National Park Sri Lanka

Photo by Egle Sidaraviciute on Unsplash

Now is a vacation really a vacation without an epic 4×4 safari tour? I say…. Nope! There is nothing quite like getting up close and personal with the wildlife and plantlife of a new domain. That is what makes travel what it is. At Udawalawe National Park, there are adventures and activities fit for the entire family! Get up close and personal with some of the rarest species on the planet including elephants, water buffalo, peacocks and more! Memories to be made and stories to be told await any traveler looking to jump right into a day full of adventure at the Udawalawe National Park.

Dambulla Royal Cave Temple

Dambulla Royal Cave Temple Sri Lanka

Photo by Agnieszka Kowalczyk on Unsplash

The final destination on Tripio’s list of best adventures in Sri Lanka certainly has to be the Dambulla Royal Cave Temple. Last, but certainly not least. The Dambulla Royal Cave, otherwise known as the Golden Temple is a sacred Buddhist shrine tucked away into the dark abyss of a large cave. Surrounded by mountains and hills that stand over 160m above the Golden Temple. Major attractions of the Golden Temple cover over five of the neighboring caves. Dive into the caves and explore all of the 153 statues of Buddha. Explore these enormous cave systems and get a taste of traditional Sri Lankan heritage with your side of unforgettable adventure. Your next vacation to Sri Lanka should start to feel pretty epic already! 

All of these activities and more can be found on the Tripio App!

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-Matthew Knotek, Tripio Guru 

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