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7 Of The Most Underrated Travel Destinations to Visit in 2024

As the world becomes more connected, it’s easier than ever to explore popular travel destinations. However, the charm of travel often lies in discovering the lesser-known, hidden gems that offer unique experiences and untouched beauty. In 2024, consider venturing off the beaten path to explore some of the most underrated travel destinations, including Guatemala, Ecuador, […]

Oddities and Adventures In Algarve

We’re talking castles made of human bones, rock formations that make you feel like you’re in the core of a distant moon, zip lines that transcend borders, and so much more. Algarve might be one of Europe’s more affordable vacation spots, but that doesn’t mean it’s a Dollar General knockoff; there’s no shortage of unique […]


Exploring The World’s Most Beautiful Castles

Are you ready for a journey through time and space to explore some of the most breathtaking castles in the world? Get ready to be enchanted by the beauty and majesty of these architectural wonders! Before we move on, did you know that every week we send out a newsletter featuring: New Destinations on the […]

Algarve Portugal

Natural Wonders Along The Algarve Coastline

The Algarve coastline is a naturally occurring playground, with rock formations that will blow your mind and challenge your imagination. From natural skylights to beaches straight out of your favorite sci-fi novel, the Algarve region is jam-packed with wonders. Need some ideas about where to start? Read on, intrepid traveler, and let Tripio guide the […]

The Greatest Adventures In Portugal

Travelers often struggle finding thrilling adventures in different areas of the world. Tripio is here to help with that! You may not think of Portugal as an adrenaline pumping adventure destination. Let us prove you wrong. Portugal as a matter of fact has some of the most incredible natural features in the world. Rocky cliff […]


First Timer’s Guide To Visiting Lisbon

Lisbon is a top travel destination in Europe. With artistry dating back centuries, big wave surfing, local street markets and nightlife, and undeniably breathtaking scenic landscapes, it is hard to stay away from this wonderful city. Lisbon is one of Tripio’s favorite destinations to visit because of the sheer opportunity that comes with every vacation […]