Pacific Northwest: Top 10

Whether it is your first time in the United States or you have lived here your entire life, it is common knowledge that the Pacific Northwest (PNW) holds some of the most beautiful and most well preserved landmarks in the nation. In addition, the Pacific Northwest offers everything from snowy glaciers, lush rainforests and island hopping adventures through the Puget Sound. Which are just a few clicks away. Tripio’s list of Top 10 Sites to See in the PNW consists of scenic lookouts, nature trails and hiking, ocean views and more! A vacation in Seattle and the greater Pacific Northwest is well worth your while. If travel plans to the PNW have ever crossed your mind then Tripio’s Top 10 Sites to See in the PNW will without a doubt push you to make it happen! Let’s get started. 

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1. Snoqualmie Falls, Pacific Northwest

Snoqualmie Falls

Photo by Dave Hoefler on Unsplash

There is no better way to kick of Tripio’s bucket list activities in the Pacific Northwest than the beloved Snoqualmie Falls. Moreover, this waterfall is not only gorgeous, but has a great history to it as well. The Snoqualmie native tribe would pray to this waterfall to bring them good fortune in food and goods. The observatory above the waterfalls is great and there is even a little trail that will take you down below. The crashing of the falls roar through the air and give a sensation of wonder to all who visit. This destination is a short drive from Seattle and one that should definitely make the cut for your Custom Itinerary on the Tripio App. 

2. Deception Pass Bridge, Pacific Northwest

Deception Pass Bridge

Photo by Brian Beckwith on Unsplash

At number 2 we have the Deception Pass Bridge. A most famous landmark loved by all in Washington state. The Deception Pass Bridge is an astonishingly large bridge that takes travelers from the mainland over through Oak Harbor and through Whidbey Island (two stunning locations for site-seeing!). While of course driving across the bridge is a memorable experience as it is, by foot the memory will never be lost. Standing over the Strait of Juan de Fuca at a height of 180ft over the ocean is one experience that you will never forget. What’s a vacation without a little heart-pumping activity? 

3. Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 

Pacific Northwest Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Photo by Robert Koorenny on Unsplash

The world famous tulip festival in Skagit Valley is a remarkable event that people from across the globe travel to see every year. The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is an annual event that is typically held in April (depending on blooming). Miles of tulip fields paint the Skagit Valley with a variety of hues and colors. Frolicking through the tulip fields in Mt. Vernon makes for a romantic and nature-binding experience that connects locals with travelers from around the world. Planning on visiting Seattle in the Spring? Knock off this world class botanical festival off of your PNW bucket list! 

4. Mount Rainier National Park, Gem Of The Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest Rainier mountain

Photo by KaLisa Veer on Unsplash

Tripio simply could not put together a list of the Top 10 Sites to See in the PNW without the mention of Mount Rainier. Its beauty reaches to every corner of Washington State. Mount Rainier is the tallest mountain in Washington, standing at an impressive 14,411ft. Though its radiance can be seen from Seattle on a clear day, for the thrill seekers and adventure hunters, you will want to get up close and personal with this beast. Moreover, hiking the Burroughs Mountain Trail allows access to the highest point reachable in the Mount Rainier National Park. Henceforth, a brutal hike meant for those who seek the greatest adventure. Spice up your vacation in the Pacific Northwest with this monster!

5. Pike Place Market, Seattle 

Pacific Northwest Pike Place market

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

For the culture enthusiasts visiting Seattle, there is no surprise that Pike Place Market has been sitting in your bucket list for a while now. And it should be there. Furthermore, it’s time to cross off this beautiful piece of history! Pike Place Market first opened in 1907 and immediately bursted into popularity. The market was a place where locals could come and save money on food and other goods. Today, Pike Place Market is the pinnacle of culture in Seattle. Dozens of thousands of visitors come to Pike Place everyday to see what all the buzz is about. Beautiful arrangements of flowers, flying fish, magic shops and hand-crafted trinkets have kept this historically rich landmark alive for over 100 years!

6. Cape Flattery, Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest Cape Flattery

Photo by Jessie Collins on Unsplash

Cape Flattery holds the claim that it is the Western tip of the continental United States. From the parking lot, only after a short walk through a densely wooded trail, the great Pacific Ocean opens up to an absolutely breathtaking view. In addition, sea caves full of barking seals surround Cape Flattery. The stunning blue shade of the coastline is unbeatable. For nature enthusiasts, Tripio highly recommends adding Cape Flattery to your Custom Itinerary. 

7. Golden Gardens Park

Pacific Northwest Golden Gardens Park

Photo by Srivatsan Balaji on Unsplash

The famous Golden Gardens Park is a beautiful example of what a beach in the PNW holds. After all, the name “Golden Gardens” didn’t come from nothing. Sunset chasers, this activity is for you. Nothing quite like kicking off your sneakers and perusing through the golden sand at this public park. Golden Gardens is a hit destination among locals. Bring a frisbee, football, beach towel and enjoy the mellow waves as you gaze into the everlasting sunset that falls over the Puget Sound. 

8. Space Needle 

Pacific Northwest space needle Seattle

Photo by Andrea Leopardi on Unsplash

The Seattle Space Needle is an iconic landmark known across the world. The Space Needle was established in 1962 for the Century 21 Exposition held in Seattle. What’s more, the Century 21 Exposition was a space-age themed World’s Fair that boasted the technological advancements and architectural capabilities of the time. Since its establishment, the Space Needle has been an iconic landmark for the city of Seattle. The Space Needle can be seen from all around the city (visit Kerry Park for the best view!). Take the elevator up to the top for an epic view of the rest of the city plus a restaurant with a 360 degree rotating glass window!

9. The Enchantments, Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest The Enchantments

Photo by Betsaid Garcia on Unsplash

A stroll through the Enchantments is a bucket list activity for any true nature enthusiast. Hiking through this protected reserve is like walking into another world. Untouched forestry with dozens of glacier lakes, crystal clear creeks, gigantic rocky cliffs and fresh evergreen trees are all things one can expect to find on this journey. Words simply do not do this magical place the justice that it deserves. Adventure is at its peak in the Enchantments. Most Washingtonians beg for an opportunity to stay a few nights up in the mountains of the Enchantments. This is without a doubt a once-in-a-lifetime experience and one that you can cross off of your bucket list when you travel to the Pacific Northwest. 

10.  Gas Works Park 

Gas works park

Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

Concluding Tripio’s Top 10 Sites to See in the Pacific Northwest is Gas Works Park. A locally famous landmark that unites the people of Seattle. Summer nights are not complete without an intimate and romantic evening of sitting on a blanket with snacks and beverages, staring at the city lights as the sun melts away upon the horizon. Moreover, locals pack themselves in and share an everlasting bonding moment each and every summer night in Seattle. A wonderful way to spend the evening when you travel to the Pacific Northwest. 

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-Matthew Knotek, Tripio Guru 

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