Thrill Seeking: Best Adventures In Hong Kong

Wild thrilling adventure is not what most people see when they look to travel Hong Kong, but as you travel through this lush vegetation coastal hub you will find that blood pumping adventure is in every corner. Hong Kong has a unique geographic location. Located on the Southeast corner of China, Hong Kong is embodied by the beautiful South China Sea. Dense forests and jungles run high through the hilltops of Hong Kong opening up a wide variety of hidden adventures to create the best experiences as you travel to Hong Kong. Breathtaking gold and white sand beaches are tucked away all along the coastlines with warm water and the everlasting glow of sunshine. Hiking through the mountains of Hong Kong always provides a spectacular experience for travelers. Creating your perfect Custom Itinerary on the Tripio App with a few of Hong Kong’s best adventures will provide you with a vacation that you will never forget. Are you convinced already? Let’s kick off Tripio’s take on the Best Adventures in Hong Kong.

1. Hiking the Dragon’s Back

Hong Kong

Photo by Emma Linn on Unsplash

Hiking the Dragon’s Back trail is one of the most thrilling adventures one can have during their vacation in Hong Kong. The Dragon’s Back trail is an iconic destination for locals and travelers. This 5km loop trail takes you through the dense jungle forest about the city lights. Hiking the ridgeline at 284m high you get great views of both downtown Hong Kong and the forests of its outskirts. Along the Dragon’s Back trail you will come to a secluded sandy beach where you can take a break, grab a snack, and relax before continuing your trek across the mountaintops of Hong Kong. 

2. Surfing at Big Wave Bay

Hong Kong

Photo by Big Dodzy on Unsplash

It is not uncommon knowledge that the outreaches of Hong Kong are total surf towns. With cool ocean waves, a ripping surf, and seemingly endless rays of sunshine it is hard to imagine a better adventure to have every single day! Without a doubt, a day of surfing in Big Wave Bay is something to highly consider adding to your Custom Itinerary on the Tripio App. The locals know this surf spot at Tai Long Wan. At Tai Long Wan, surfers can expect to catch some gnarly waves varying between 4-12ft. Peak season for the most epic waves at Tai Long Wan is between June-August though don’t be surprised to see some locals shredding waves in December! What’s a coastal vacation without a little surfing?!


3. Walk the Path of Wisdom 

Hong Kong

Photo by Kate Genita on Unsplash


The Path of Wisdom takes you along though tall wood planks with intricate calligraphy featuring the Prajna Parmita Hrdaya Sutra (Heart Sutra). The calligraphy was done originally by Professor Jao Tsung-I, a respected scholar and master of the arts. It was donated to create the Wisdom Path in 2002. This scenic trail has become a popular destination for hikers and photographers. This trail features 38 wooden planks and covers over a mile. Pay attention to the special no. 23 planks (it is the biggest in the park).


4. Shek O Beach

Hong Kong

Photo by Devam Jhabak on Unsplash

Shek O Beach is a wildly popular attraction in Hong Kong. There are two beaches that make up Shek O Beach. Both beaches are equipped with all the best swimming, snorkeling and paddle boarding that you could hope to find during your tropical vacation. Shek O Beach is without a doubt a Top 10 destination to see in Hong Kong. The beach is regarded by some as the best beach in all of Hong Kong. Perfect for long walks in and around the beach, kicking back with your toes in the sand, and jumping into the warm South China Sea to cool off. 

5. Canyoning Ping Nam Stream 

Hong Kong

Photo by Han Hsing Tu on Unsplash

For the daring and more adventurous, a canyoning journey through the Ping Nam Stream might be the best thing for you. A day of canyoning through the Ping Nam Stream is a day packed with extreme adventure. This tour consists of a training session on ropes skills and canyoning safety. Then the journey continues with a short hike to the stream, followed by a series of cliff jumping, rock climbing and abseiling. This series repeats itself a whole other time that is even bigger and better!


6. Ziplining Between Sea Cliffs

What is an adventure without a little bit of exploring? Exploring the secluded island of Tung Lung Chau is the perfect way to explore the outskirts of Hong Kong. The famously remote island of Tung Lung Chau has become a hub for Hong Kong’s thrill seeking tourism. At this attraction, travelers zip through the rocky sea cliffs of the island in a fun-packed memory-making tour. This tour consists of a ferry ride from Oi Kan to Tung Lung Chau, a safety protocol meeting, then a manageable hike through the island, ziplining and abseiling followed by tea time. For adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers, this is one activity that will surely complete your vacation itinerary on the Tripio App!

7. Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car + Trail

Hong Kong

Photo by Jeanne Rose Gomez on Unsplash

This adventure is suitable for everybody. You can either take the Ngong Ping cable car to the top and enjoy a quicker way of reaching the high peaks of Hong Kong. Or you can hike the Ngong Ping Trail. This 6km trail takes you up into the jungle mountains of Hong Kong. The path directs you up the mountainside underneath the famous Ngong Ping 360 cable car. This adventure requires lots of water, good shoes and snacks for the top. Unreal views of city and nature.

-Matthew Knotek, Tripio Guru

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