A Road Trip Through The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast has one of the most beautiful landscapes in Southern Europe. Peachy mountains filled with colorful buildings cascade into the Tyrrhenian Sea and create a lifetime image implanted into travelers memories. A vacation to the Amalfi Coast is something most people only consider in their dreams. This is your push over the edge to begin planning your vacation to the Amalfi Coast. What better way to travel along a scenic coastline than a road trip from one point to the other? Tripio’s road trip itinerary takes travelers from Salerno, on the East, all the way to Sorrento, the tip of Amalfi Coast.

Featured on this road trip adventure are historic landmarks, thrilling adventure activities, scenic lookout and of course the best beaches along the coast. A bucket list adventure such as this only comes around so often and now it is here for you! Forget about all the stress and panic of travel planning. Tripio has got you covered. Let’s get started!

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Begin Road Trip Amalfi Coast In Salerno 


Photo by Khalid Sherzai on Unsplash

Starting off your Road Trip in Salerno will already set the tone for the best road trip vacation ever. Salerno looks like something straight out of a painting. The high hills roll off the terracotta rooftops and spill into the sea. You should be getting pretty excited now! Here are the best sites to see in Salerno.

Road Trip Amalfi Coast: Saint Mary Cathedral | San Matteo e San Gregorio VII

Saint Mary Cathedral | San Matteo e San Gregorio VII road trip Amalfi coast

Photo by Calvin Maximillian on Unsplash

The staple of history in Salerno, la Cattedrale di Santa Maria degli Angeli, San Matteo e San Gregorio VII. This is a major tourist attraction in Salerno. Nothing but beauty and transparency fly through the ceilings of the cathedral. The cathedral was dedicated to Saint Matthew who resides in the crypts of this house of the holy. The Salerno Cathedral dates back to the 11th-century. 

Plaium Montis Giardino della Minerva 

Plaium Montis Giardino della Minerva  road trip Amalfi coast

Photo by Marco Savastano on Unsplash

The Plaium Montis Giardino della Minerva is a beautiful range of botanical specialties hanging over Salerno. Ponder over orange and red rooftops of lower Salerno. Grasp incredible views of the Italian coastal cities. Beautiful romantic escape from the busy streets below. As you visit he Plaium Montis Giardino della Minerva, you can travel down many different paths and pick out your favorite features. 

Now that we have covered some beautiful treasures tucked away in Salerno, let’s continue our adventure and head Westward to Amalfi.


Amalfi Coast Road trip

Photo by Tom Podmore on Unsplash

Heading West, after passing the crip small city of Minori, you hit the world renowned destination of Amalfi. Amalfi, in which the coastline is named after, is one of the most romantic and memorable travel destinations in the world. Picturesque rainbow painted stature rolls off the colored mountains and seeps into the two-tone sea. Here are Tripio’s favorite places in Amalfi. 

Amalfi Lemon Experience

Amalfi lemon experience road trip Amalfi

Photo by Rebecca McKenna on Unsplash

The Amalfi Lemon Experience is a lemon farm offering tours through the overhanging lemon gardens. The Amalfi Coast is a world renowned lemon destination. Tourists travel from around the world for a taste of these zesty lemons. The Amalfi Lemon Experience hosts two daily tours. One option is to have an experienced guide take you through the overhanging lemon gardens and talk you through the Amalfi lemon history. The other tour option is to take a cooking class with lemons! This is one of Tripio’s personal favorite activities along the road trip through the Amalfi Coast. 

Duomo di Amalfi (Amalfi Cathedral

Duomo di Amalfi (Amalfi Cathedral) 

Photo by Nick Kane on Unsplash

For art history lovers road-tripping through the Amalfi Coast, this destination is one that you will surely not want to leave off of your custom travel itinerary that you create and customize on the Tripio App. This medieval landmark adjoins the 9th-century Basilica of the Crucifix as well as the later rendition dedication to the Apostle Saint Andrew. Terrific architecture beautifies the entire Piazza del Duomo of Amalfi.

Continuing West On Our Amalfi Coast Road Trip!


Fiordo Di Furore 

Fiordo Di Furore 

Photo by Stijn De Vries on Unsplash

Adventure enthusiasts, this is your time to shine. Picturesque from the distance, a perfect photo opportunity to add to your timeline of pictures. However, those travelers looking for a thrill, head on down to the beach of Fiordo Di Furore and begin your adventure. A small secluded beach shelters visitors with a scaling rocky canyon. Cliff jumping, swimming and unique photo opportunities. 

Path of the Gods

Path of the Gods

Photo by Ihor Malytskyi on Unsplash

Another daring escape from reality in the Amalfi Coast is to take on the Path of the Gods. This trail is the most famous of its kind along the coast. Hike across the ridgeline of the overhanging mountains that make up the coastline. Reach epic views of the coast and bask in all of its beauty. Some say that this trail changes you. Try it out for yourself!

Now that we have reached our next hot city on our road trip Amalfi coast, Positano!




Photo by Sergio Otoya on Unsplash

Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta 

Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta 

Photo by Despina Galani on Unsplash

More commonly referred to as the Assumption Parish of Our Lady Positano is a top destination and site to see in Positano. A beautiful depiction of the Byzantine era of Italy. Nothing says beauty like a 16th-century dome style build overlooking the bluish-green ocean. A must see in Positano, for art history lovers and all other travelers. 

Positano Spiaggia Beach 

Positano Spiaggia Beach 

Photo by Khachik Simonian on Unsplash

The most popping beach that you will find in Positano. Conveniently located right at the bottom of the city center. As you travel through the streets of Positano you will always notice a crowd of attention congregating at Spiaggia Positano. A fantastic way to get comfortable with the locals and take a dip in the ocean. A great place for scenic photography and more!

After a long journey, we’ve come to our final destination along the Amalfi Coast. The last spot to end our travel adventure in the outpost of Sorrento. This is the tip of the iceberg on the Amalfi Coast. Up and around the bend. Let’s check out some of the fantastic activities in Sorrento. 

Continuing Our Road Trip Amalfi Coast: Sorrento

Photo by Keszthelyi Timi on Unsplash

Road Trip Amalfi Coast: Bagni Regina Giovanna 

Bagni Regina Giovanna 

Photo by Mario Esposito on Unsplash

This is a personal favorite. A hidden gem that can only be found in our last travel destination. This destination combines history, adventure and of course loads of fun. Find the locals hiding out here. Sheer beauty and fun loving adventure are all a part of the experience at Bagni Regina Giovanna. Bring your toys and swimsuit and enjoy an Amalfi Coast Experience like no other. Do not forget to add this marvelous activity to your custom itinerary that you create on the Tripio App. 

Vallone dei Mulini

Vallone dei Mulini road trip Amalfi

Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash

And last but certainly not least, we have the Vallone dei Mulini. A most unique hidden gem to be found on the Amalfi Coast. Explore a world that has regrown itself. Vallone dei Mulini shows what a world would look like if the human population would suddenly vanish. The abandoned Valley of the Mills. Explore this beautiful landmark and see what sort of treasures that you can find. 

There you have it. You are now ready to book your next travel experience, and Tripio is here to help you do that. All of the above activities and plenty more can all be found on the Tripio App and can be used to help you create the perfect custom itinerary for all of your travel needs. 

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-Matthew Knotek, Tripio Guru

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