Best Adventures In Acapulco

Since the 1950s, Acapulco has served as a vacation destination for the rich and famous from Hollywood, Mexico, and internationally. It is still a very popular tourist destination and people travel from around the world seeking its agreeable climate, the many luxury resorts, incredible beaches, and water sports such as snorkeling and deep-sea fishing. Acapulco is the “Riviera of Mexico,” so to speak; it welcomes millions of tourists annually. Let’s discover the best adventures in Acapulco.

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It was a virtual Hollywood hotspot back in the day. In Acapulco, John Wayne and his “Hollywood Pack” bought up a retreat home, Liz Taylor got married, Jackie and John Kennedy honeymooned, and a chair was invented and named after the city!  You can eat at the same restaurants and walk the same paths as those jet setters of past and present. Acapulco is teeming with life and history, as well as some of the most spectacular sunsets. From May to November the climate is hot, humid, and frequently rainy, but from December through April it is warm, dry, and pleasant. 

Acapulco has everything! The beautiful beaches are a main attraction, so try to visit as many as you can. Some other things that you should not miss include: the San Diego Fort, built in 1617 to ward off pirate attacks, the cliff divers at La Quebrada, Palma Sola Archaeological Site, and experiencing the distinct flora and fauna found here, by scuba diving, hiking, touring a lake, SUPing, etc. Discover for yourself a long list of world-class restaurants, fun clubs and bars, shopping, art and cultural spots, and natural escapes. Our system knows exactly what you want to do all around Acapulco, so follow your Custom Top 10 Itinerary for your ideal time spent here!

No matter what your interests happen to be, Tripio can help you find exactly where you want to be at any given moment. We’ll always show you the very BEST activities in town. From once-in-a-lifetime experiences, to the most spectacular views around, to adrenaline pumping fun, we’ve recommended the best of the best on the Tripio App. Take advantage of the information compiled on your next vacation south and make a custom itinerary of all the top things to do in Acapulco now!

Sea Turtle Hatchling Release at Campamento Tortuguero Playa Hermosa

Turtle Release

Photo by Marco Bicca on Unsplash

Treat yourself to the once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing sea turtle hatchlings go out to the ocean for the first time! A great activity for kids and turtle fans of all ages, it could very well be the highlight of your whole vacation.This company focuses on conservation, education, and passing on the magic of nature to the next generations. Definitely feel free to donate and help them in their mission to protect these amazing animals. Beach camping is also available, and it’s one of Acapulco’s best surfing beaches to check out in Acapulco! You’ll adore seeing the little squirts on their journey to the big blue.

Best Adventures In Acapulco: Scuba Diving

Scuba diving first time

Photo by Francisco Jesús Navarro Hernández on Unsplash

Are you interested in trying scuba diving? Acapulco is the ideal place to start! Swiss Divers Association offers this scuba diving lesson that’s just for beginners, led by experienced instructors. They will make sure that you are safe and know what to do! Explore the crystal clear waters surrounding Roqueta Island, just off the coast of Acapulco. You can expect to see sea horses, turtles, stingrays, starfish, and an assortment of colorful fish. Snacks, drinks, and transportation are included, and you can upgrade to get a second dive. Jump into deeper waters and expand your horizons with Tripio… under the sea! 

Adrenaline and Privileged Views – Motorized Parasailing

Motorized parasailing

Photo by Earl Wilcox on Unsplash

Live a unique, incredible experience flying in Acapulco’s blue sky over the beach! Your instructor, Irving, is certified and experienced. It can be your first time trying anything like this. But thrill seekers should have this activity on their custom itinerary! Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime views. The tandem paramotor is safe for kids age 6+ and people less than 220 pounds (113 kg). Have a blast and feel the wind on your face; you’ll travel so fast it’ll feel like you’re flying!

Best Advetures In Acapulco: Explore Punta Diamante Neighborhood

Punta Diamante Neighborhood

Photo by Sergio Mena Ferreira on Unsplash

A privileged area of Acapulco, Punta Diamante has the best view of the “C” shaped bay. It is known for many high-end condos, modern hotels and resorts which stand out amongst the beautiful green hills. Set on the Pacific coastline and overlooking the sea, it’s a great place to walk around and discover more of. It’s the site of the popular Revolcadero beach, where you can find shallow waters and big waves. Many weary travelers have lodged up here. Take some pictures and only get lost if you have enough water!

Take in the Culture and Blue Water at Caleta and Caletilla Beaches

explore the beaches Acapulco

Photo by Anngell ✞ Díaz on Unsplash

These two sister beaches are very accessible from Acapulco’s hotel zone. A few of the town’s most popular and well-known beaches deserve their good reputation! Characterized by beautiful yellow sandy beaches and calm, swimmable waters, Playas Caleta and Caletilla are a must-see, especially for families and the elderly. There are plenty of restaurants around, and you can even make use of the changing rooms! We at Tripio App recommend that  you go early and/or during the week, because weekends and holidays get very crowded. Relaxing and getting your tan on while you people watch is an option, too.

Best Adventures In Acapulco: Catch the Sunset at Paradisiacal Barra Vieja Beach

Beaches Acapulco

Photo by Cesar Julian Cely Ortegon on Unsplash

Looking for friendly locals, miles and miles of beach, warm waters, and beautiful scenery? You don’t have to travel far! This less crowded beach has a plethora of activities for people to do, including horseback riding and ATV tours along the beach, countless restaurants serving local specialties serving specialties like red snapper, and boat tours. However, the beautiful sunsets are something not to be missed. The beach is calm, tranquil, and boasts incredible views of the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Feel the soft, fine sand beneath you. Watch the waves be painted red, but take caution when swimming; the water here can get dangerous. Grab a bite to deat then settle down with some drinks and a camera to watch the colorful Mexican sunset. A perfect addition to your itinerary!


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-Verena O’Malley, Tripio Guru


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