Best Adventures In Switzerland

When it comes to outdoor adventures, there is nothing quite like the European nation of Switzerland. The beautiful scenery of Switzerland captivates eager travelers from around the globe. A vacation in Switzerland meets most travelers’ bucket list. Moreover, the landscape of Switzerland combines the magical Swiss Alps with deep mountain lakes and historic architecture. There is no wonder as to why a trip to Switzerland ranks so highly on most travelers’ dream destinations. In order to take in everything that Switzerland has to offer, your travel itinerary needs to consist of as many adventurous activities that you can find. From skiing in the Swiss Alps, hikes with breathtaking views, and otherworldly waterfalls, here is Tripio App’s Top 10 Adventures in Switzerland. 


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1. Rhine Falls, Switzerland

Switzerland Rhine Falls

Photo by Road Trip with Raj on Unsplash

To kick off your adventurous vacation in Switzerland, there is no better way to start than a visit to the Rhine Falls. This magical waterfall is the most powerful body of water in Europe. An immense flow of water from the Rhine River comes crashing down over a width of 150m. For the adventurous, do not miss the opportunity to climb to the Central Rock and take in the sheer power of the Rhine Falls with a totally new perspective. In addition from Schloss Laufen, travelers can take the path that leads to Fischetz Platform overlooking the falls.

Furthermore, there are two main viewing points of the Rhine Falls, the Northern Banks and the Southern Banks. Both are easily accessible and offer a different view of the Rhine Falls. The Rhine Falls are located near the German/Swiss border just north of Zurich. To kick off your adventures in Switzerland, the Rhine Falls are simply one you cannot miss.

2. St. Beatus Cave 

The next search for adventure begins at the Cave of Saint Beatus. This hidden cave comes with a folklore tale of whimsical nature. What’s more, the tales of Saint Beatus cave tells the story of an ancient dragon that used to guard the cave until Saint Beatus slayed the beast. This tourist attraction combines aspects of adventure, history and scenic wonder. Tours of St. Beatus Cave takes visitors through the ominous depths of the cavern and highlights significant rock formations, the tales of Saint Beatus and much more. The cave is surrounded by beautiful mountaintops, blue lakes and lush greenery making the perfect outdoor adventure for your vacation in Switzerland. 

3. Trümmelbach Mountain Waterfalls

Is there an adventure that tops a cave system with heavy waterfalls? Tripio says, not one that tops the Trümmelbach Mountain Waterfalls. This cave system features several powerful waterfalls that cascade through its caverns. This is a loud, wet and wild adventure that had to be on Tripio App’s Top 10 Swiss Adventures. Bridges and pathways were created inside the Trümmelbach Mountain Waterfalls that make them easily accessible for any adventure hungry travelers. From the parking lot, the Trümmelbach Mountain Waterfalls are just a short walk and cable car ride away! 

4. Laax Ski Resort, Switzerland

Switzerland best ski resort

Photo by Jorg Angeli on Unsplash

For many travelers, what excites them most about their vacation in Switzerland is the opportunity to ski along the Swiss Alps. Switzerland boasts world class skiing in every direction you look. It was difficult to pick which ski resort would fit Tripio’s Adventure list the best. After careful consideration, we could not leave out the Laax Ski Resort. In fact, skiing at Laax Ski Resorts has the whole package. What’s more at Laax, you will find a plethora of terrain for all skill levels. As you shred the slopes, you will have a chance to look out upon the vast mountain range that makes up the Swiss Alps. For freestyle skiers and snowboarders, Laax will be your heaven.

The Laax Ski Resort is world famous not only for its outstanding runs, but also for its world class terrain park. Several Olympic medalists and world class freestyle skiers learned all their tricks at Laax Ski Resort. If you plan to stay overnight at Laax, there are a number of lodging options with all the amenities you will ever need. 

5. Aare Gorge Canyon Walk 

The Aare Gorge is a mythical limestone canyon located in Meiringen, Switzerland. The limestone deposits from the Aare Gorge overtime have settled into the Aare river and turned the water into a unique turquoise color, making it one of the most scenic adventures on Tripio App’s Top 10 Adventures. Furthermore, the bottom of the canyon is lined with a bridge pathway that is easily accessible for most travelers. From the top, looking down into the Aare Gorge is an adventure in itself, but as you begin to descend and get up close and personal with the Aare River, the adventure grows into a memory you will never forget. For adventure enthusiasts, a trip to the Aare Gorge is something you will want to add to your travel itinerary. 

6. Sigriswil Suspension Bridge 

To get the blood pumping a little bit, travelers should take a daring walk across the Sigriswil Suspension Bridge. The Sigriswil Suspension bridge has become a wildly popular tourist attraction due to its adrenaline filled adventure combined with a spectacular view of your classic Swiss landscape. In addition, the bridge is conveniently located near Interlaken, and the Saint Beatus Cave, making it easy to knock out a few activities on your adventure packed itinerary. 

7. Tissot First Cliff Walk, Switzerland

Switzerland The Tissot Cliff Walk

Photo by Polina Kocheva on Unsplash

A walk out on the First Cliff Bridge is one of the best adventures you can find as you travel through Switzerland. The Tissot Cliff Walk is located in the scenic region of the Bernese Oberland. In addition, this adventure consists of a large suspended bridge-like pathway that takes you over the Tissot mountain. Reaching the First Cliff Walk is an adventure all on its own. What’s more, travelers will take an attractive gondola ride up the mountain side. Along the gondola ride, there will be 3 stops all containing their own adventures. The second stop has an epic zipline adventure that makes a great double adventure for your day in the Bernese Oberland. At the top of the mountain, there is a small picturesque restaurant serving cafe style cuisine. Nothing beats the stomach turning adventure of walking out over the Tissot mountain cliffs!

8. Bungee Jumping at Verzasca Dam

It’s every boy’s dream to be James Bond. And now you can! Upon arrival of the Verzasca Dam, the scene can already be recognized. The famous 007 film GoldenEye (1995) features the Verzasca Dam where James Bond takes a leap of faith into the seeming abyss below in the opening scene. What’s more, a Bungee Tour company is now situated at the top of the Verzasca Dam giving tourists the chance to be the world famous MI6 agent, 007. For adrenaline junkies and adventure enthusiasts, this destination is a must add to your Switzerland travel itinerary. 

9. The Five Lakes Walk 

For hikers and outdoors people, the Five Lakes Trail is one you will not want to miss. In addition, this trail is one of Switzerland’s top rated hiking destinations. Trekking the Five Lakes Trail consists of hiking over 7 miles and covers an elevation gain of over 1500ft. Along the path travelers are opened up to an absolutely breathtaking view of the famous Matterhorn. There is nothing quite like hiking through the Swiss Alps. The Fives Lakes Walk entrances all of its visitors with the scenic surrounding of 5 mountain lakes accompanied by the dense greenery and mountaintops. For hikers and lovers of the outdoors, hiking the Five Lakes Walk may just as well be the perfect spring and summer activity for you! 

10.  Gletscherschlucht Rosenlaui Gorge Walk, Switzerland


Photo by Raph Howald on Unsplash

To finish off Tripio App’s Top 10 Best Adventures in Switzerland is the Gletscherschlucht Gorge Walk. Similar in concept to Aare Gorge Walk, the Gletscherschlucht Gorge Walk consists of a deep canyon with a scenic river flowing through it. What separates this adventure is its magical waterfall that passes through its canyon walls. The Gletscherschlucht Gorge Walk is located in the scenic region of Switzerland known as Rosenlaui, which is conveniently located just outside of Interlaken. A visit to Rosenlaui is one travelers never seem to forget. Gletscherschlucht is embodied by the peaks of the Swiss Alps and abundance of wildlife. There is no better way to complete your travel bucket list of adventures in Switzerland. 

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-Matthew Knotek, Tripio Guru 

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