Food Tour Through Prague: Best Restaurants

If the thousand year-old castles and Gothic appearance of Prague hasn’t sold you on a vacation to the Czech capital, then perhaps the kitchen will! The aesthetic of the city is what brings tourists to Prague in the first place, and the cuisine is what brings them back again and again. Traditional cuisine is based around several other Central European kitchens. Combinations of potato based dishes with a centerpoint meat option. Czech cuisine is not exactly what Tripio would call “healthy”… but it sure is delicious! Let’s kick off the best restaurants and eateries in Prague. 

1.  Lokál Pub ($$)

The Lokál Pub is known for its beer and appetizing authentic Czech menu. Order a traditional Czech pilsner and accompany it with a Czech weiner and side of bread. Lokál Pub is also known for serving the most beer (per day) within the city of Prague. An excellent option for dining and pre-gaming for a night out on the town. Conveniently located to the biggest pubs and nightclubs in the city. 

2. Café Savoy ($$$)

The French/International Café is an extravagant place to dine. The interior design is beautiful lavish wood that accents the venue exquisitely. The design replicates the first Czech Republic order. This is a great spot for breakfast and even lunch. Dine with class during your vacation to Prague. Be sure to add Cafe Savoy to your custom itinerary on the Tripio App to get the most out of your food tour through Prague. 

3. Restaurace U Kroku ($$)

U Kroka you will find traditional Central European cuisine with super friendly staff. A fan favorite at U Kroka is the traditional Svickova. Braised beef with bread dumplings surely to leave you satisfied. Accompany any dish at restaurant U Kroku with their famous lemonades of assorted flavors.

4. Vnitroblock Sneakers + Cafe ($)

There is nothing like Vnitroblock anywhere else in the city. At this unique urban cafe, guests can enjoy a cup of joe, a bite to eat and browse upon the latest street-wear. The interior of Vnitroblock is such a pleasure to the eye. Brick-lined, vines climbing up the wall and an all around urban/hipster vibe. Very cool spot to check out during your vacation in Prague. 

5. U Tří Jelínků ($)

A great place for a bite to eat and enjoy the company of locals and your travel companion(s). Served at this restaurant are traditional Czech meals with a modern European vibe. If you are looking for a quiet place to eat at an affordable  price, U Tri Jelinku is a local gem you’ll want to stop at. While the restaurant is indoors, there is outdoor seating available. 

6. Restaurace Pod Věží ($$$)

To experience the finer things in life, Restaurace Pod Věží offers a delightful experience for international travelers.This beautiful restaurant offers international style cuisine as well as local dishes to satisfy your hunger. Served to impress, the Restaurant Pod Vezi is a fine place to enjoy the company of your fellow travelers over a delicious meal cooked with excellence. An indoor restaurant with optional outdoor seating depending on time of year.

7. SOHO Restaurant and Lounge ($$$)

SOHO is a great place to unwind after a day of touring around the city. This restaurant offers dining as well as a lounge for relaxation. Known famously for their sushi and other seafood dishes, as well as traditional Eastern European dishes. A beautiful atmosphere with excellent service.

8. Kellyxír Alchemical Pub ($$)

This wacky experience is one that Tripio could not resist to add to our food tour of Prague. A hidden treasure for food lovers is the Alchemical Pub tucked away into the streets of Prague. An unknown part of Prague’s history is its age of black magic and alchemy. Kellyxír Alchemical Pub offers an authentic experience of what it would be like to dine in the age of alchemy. Order one of the special elixir beverages that are served as if they were a magic potion. Bubbling and foaming from the brim! A fun and exciting way to see a new side of the city’s history that is often forgotten. Don’t forget to add Kellyxír – alchemical pub to your custom itinerary on the Tripio App

9. U krále Brabantského ($$)

You cannot say that you have experienced old time Prague in its entirety until you visit U krále Brabantského. This medieval tavern brings your travel experience to a whole new level. Feast in this dank and eerie tavern that dates back centuries. Travel to a Prague that was seen long before modern history. Dim lit atmosphere where locals and tourists come together for Czech beer and traditional side dishes. Yes the setting is great and the beer is awesome, but the food kicks the whole place up a notch. Traditional hardy Czech meals filled with meat, potatoes and veggies. Totally awesome place you need to check out.

10. Trdlo Sweet Treats ($)

To conclude our Top 10 restaurants and diverse food tour through the Czech capital is Trdlo Sweet Treats. This is a must for first time visitors to the Czech Republic. Travelers will find Trdlo offered at nearly every street corner. A delicious doughy substance covered with sugars and spices and even offered with custard cream or ice cream! One cannot plan a trip to Prague without adding a stop for Trdlo to their custom itinerary with Tripio!


-Matthew Knotek, Tripio Guru


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