Perfect Weekend In Singapore

Singapore is also known as The Lion City and The Garden City. It has evolved from a humble fishing village into one of the most advanced metropolitan cities in the world. Singapore has earned its reputation of being one of the cleanest and greenest cities on the planet, because of Singapore’s very strict rules. Littering in Singapore can cost you a fine of up to US$1,000 for first time offenders. 


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Considering Singapore’s small size, there is more to do here on vacation than some countries 10 times bigger. It is effortless to get around on the very inexpensive and clean public transport system called the MRT (mass rapid transit). The MRT and LRT (light rapid transit) connects the entire country. Singapore is a very safe destination with one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

The weather is pretty much the same all year round with temperatures at 90 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is wetter during the monsoon season – November to January. When you are planning to eat out in Singapore, check out a local Hawker centre for some of the tastiest street food that is sure to be ‘Shiok’ (delicious).



It is now easier than ever to plan your bucket list ticking vacation to Singapore with Tripio App. Although it is a small country, Singapore has so much to offer for the adventure seeker, foodie or art, history and culture lover. All these categories are incorporated into the Tripio App meaning you will be able to get a custom itinerary with a custom Top 10 list in the palm of your hands within seconds. This takes all the legwork and research out of travel because we have done it for you.

Singapore Zoo And Night Safari

Singapore zoo

Photo by @vegoutt_gem_winchester on IG

One of the must-see destinations in Singapore is the Singapore Zoo, it is one of the best zoos in the world and is home to over 315 species of animals, the majority of which are endangered. Another great destination in Singapore to visit while on vacation is the Night Safari, located right next to the Singapore Zoo, this nocturnal wildlife park is the first of its kind in the world. Offering you a wonderful insight into the lives of the animals after dark through 6 different geological regions. If action and adventure is more your cup of tea, don’t worry, Tripio has got you covered.


Singapore Sentosa

Photo by @vegoutt_gem_winchester on IG

Some of the most intense adventure activities can be found on Sentosa Island which is known as Asia’s Favorite Playground. Take a leap of faith and jump off a 154-foot platform at Skypark Sentosa by AJ Hackett or race down the hairpin filled turns in a wheeled cart at Skyline Luge. Sentosa isn’t just for the super adventurous, there are beautiful picturesque beaches like Palawan Beach where you can relax, plenty of cafes and restaurants, even an underwater restaurant (Ocean Restaurant) and a world class theme park (Universal Studios Singapore) on the island for you to enjoy. You definitely should not leave Sentosa off of your itinerary.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Singapore Marina Bay Sands

Photo by @vegoutt_gem_winchester on IG

Nowadays, when Singapore is mentioned, the world class Marina Bay Sands is featured. You know that 3 building structure with the ship on the top. This incredible resort houses one of the most spectacular infinity pools in the world, in fact it is the world’s largest rooftop pool at 480-feet long and it is situated 627 feet above the ground below. This fabulous resort has world-class shopping at The Shoppes, high-end retailers line a man-made canal where you can hop in a Sampan (South-East Asian version of an Italian gondola).

This modern shopping mall also features local cuisine that will delight the foodie in you. Rasapura Masters Food Court, located on The Shoppes lower level offers authentic Singaporean cuisine. From the lowest floor to the highest floor, marina bay is full of wonder. On the 57th floor of marina bay sands is the skypark observation deck. Here you will feel on top of the world, or well at least on top of Singapore with uninterrupted, 360-degree panoramic views across the city. This view is especially spectacular at night.

Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

Singapore Gardens by the bay

Photo by @vegoutt_gem_winchester on IG

Just across the road from the iconic Marina Bay Sands is Gardens by the Bay. The Gardens by the bay are a breath-taking sight by day and especially at night as the supertrees light up for a spectacular laser-light show. The garden houses 18 unmissable supertrees that tower 165 feet off the ground and make up supertree grove. Gardens by the bay is also home to 2 incredible eco-domes, the flower dome and the cloud forest dome. The cloud forest dome is a huge self-contained forest eco-system filled with thousands of tropical plants and one of the tallest indoor waterfalls in the world. The best thing about the waterfall is that you can climb up inside it.

Pop your head out at different points along the climb up and take it all in. The flower dome on the other hand is also enormous, holding the Guinness world record for being the world’s largest glass greenhouse. It is filled with mind-blowing floral displays. This is why Gardens by the bay should be on everyone’s top 10 list.

Singapore Gardens by the bay Eco domes

Photo by @vegoutt_gem_winchester on IG


Singapore Gardens by the bay

Photo by @vegoutt_gem_winchester on IG

Hawker Chan- The World’s Cheapest Michelin-Starred Meal

Now one of my favorite things about travel is trying out local cuisine. Singapore is a multi-cultural country and this is reflected in everything Singaporean, especially Singaporean food. Singapore’s national dish is Hainanese Chicken Rice. This dish can be found in almost every hawker centre across the country but what about trying out a Michelin-starred version of Hainanese Chicken Rice from Hawker Chan. Hawker Chan offers the cheapest Michelin-starred meal in the world. I promise you will be glad you did. From the cheapest meal to a more extravagant one, Le Petit Chef offers an incredible immersive culinary experience and show. Take a journey with the world’s smallest holographic chef. As he takes you on a journey along the silk road while feeding you 6 delectable courses, oh la la.

The Perfect Weekend in Singapore

Singapore is a small country and is a stop-over destination for many airlines. Not to mention that Singapore is home to the best airport in the world, Changi Airport. Check out Canopy Park at Jewel in Changi airport to find out why. This being said, what is the perfect weekend getaway in Singapore? As the country is so tiny, combine that with it having a fantastic and super affordable public transport system means that you can pack a lot into a few days. Ever heard the phrase, ‘the best things come in small packages’.

If you are only going to spend a weekend in Singapore, you may as well stay in the best hotel, Marina Bay Sands Resort. This will give you access to that incredible rooftop infinity pool I was talking about and places you pretty central. On your first day, I would recommend checking out the sights around the city, the iconic Merlion at Merlion park, Gardens by the bay and then heading to check out something quite fascinating, The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Chinatown. This temple is a pinnacle of Singaporean culture and history. The art here tells stories of the Tang Dynasty, explains the origins of Buddhists beliefs and its significance in Singapore’s identity.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Singapore Buddha tooth relic temple

Photo by @vegoutt_gem_winchester on IG

 While you’re in Chinatown, take advantage and go on a walking tour, it is full of cultural and historical sights. There are quite a few places to eat while you are there as well, like Hawker Chan. To end off your first evening, I would recommend a walk on the wild side at the Singapore Night Safari. For your second day, Sentosa island feels like a great bet as it has something fun for everyone. From adrenaline pumping bungee jumps to relaxing rope bridges to emotional historical war museums.

Sentosa is bound to keep you busy all day. To finish off your final evening in Singapore, you would have to be sitting in the rooftop infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands and watching the Supertree grove light show at Gardens by the Bay and the spectacular Marina bay laser light show, Spectra. Dry yourself off and enjoy an exquisite dinner and divine cocktail at Ce La Vi while admiring the beautiful night lights of the Lion City.

Singapore Marina Bay Sands Infinity pool

Photo by @vegoutt_gem_winchester on IG


This tiny country really does impress and is definitely one that you should add to your travel bucket list. Tripio have done all the research for you and have included all the best places throughout the country to experience. You are sure to have a fantastic vacation here.

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-Gemma Winchester, Tripio Guru

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