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The Best City Escapes

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Europe City Escapes

London City Escape

Photo by Marcin Nowak on Unsplash


Athens: 10 Best Places To Discover Greek Mythology

Athens is the capital of Greece and is known as the birthplace of democracy. This incredible city is the oldest capital in Europe dating back to 3,000 B.C. It was back in 500 B.C that the rulers of Athens first allowed their citizens to participate in a vote on laws. This is where democracy that we know today stemmed from. More than 18 million visitors choose to spend their vacations in this remarkable city. Even though this was where democracy was created, Athens experienced all kinds of leadership including monarchical, socialism, communism and capitalism.

10 Best Photo Spots In Madrid

Spain’s fabulous capital city of Madrid receives over 6 million tourists each year- it’s a wildly popular travel destination and for good reasons. The second-largest city in the EU, only after Berlin, should definitely be on your top 10 list of places to see! Tripio App will help you plan the perfect getaway vacation, no matter the length. Our system can find exactly what you’ll enjoy doing around the city, so leave it up to Tripio to create your Custom Top 10 Itinerary. Imagine yourself trying new food, having adventures and experiences, and checking off bucket list items! History buffs, artists, dancers, foodies, architects, and photographers alike will enjoy being surrounded by the beauty, life, and rich culture. Let’s discover the best photo spots in Madrid!

Architectural Magnificence In Barcelona

Barcelona has striking architecture with Burroughs filled with history and culture. Unfortunately, this city has a very high petty crime rate especially for tourists. The most common one is pick-pocketing so either carry very little cash with you or have a safe place on your body to store it. Don’t let this put you off Barcelona cause this Spanish city packs a punch. The Sagrada Familia cathedral has been in construction since 1882. This unfinished masterpiece is one of Barcelona’s main attractions. I mean if it’s taken that long to build, it must be good right? All joking aside, it is an intricately detailed structure that has to be seen to be appreciated. All you have to do to see the incredible architecture and unique building designs is by exploring the streets. I will warn you, some parts of Barcelona are very hilly.


Best Of Budapest : City Escape

The Hungarian capital of Budapest is one of the most beautiful and culturally diverse cities in all of Europe. The city is divided into two segments by the famous Danube River. The Eastern part of the city, Buda, and the Western side known as Pest. Since the Middle Ages, the European nation of Hungary has played a key role in many major parts of History, including the Roman Empire, The Habsburgs and the Ottoman Reign. Over the centuries, Budapest has collected a number of historical landmarks due to its rich presence in history. Though art and history are the main tourism attractions, there is so much more to do in the city of Budapest.


Denmark: 10 Best Places To Live Out A Fairy Tale

Denmark is a Scandinavian country in Europe. Like most other countries in the region, Denmark is famous for its beautifully intricate architecture. Danish designers have taken their unique talent and eye for detail all over the world, one of the finest examples of Danish architecture is the Sydney Opera House in Australia. I am sure you have heard of ‘The Little Mermaid’ made famous by Disney of course. The creator of ‘The Little Mermaid’ is Hans Christian Anderson, you guessed it, a Danish national. This beautiful country has so much to offer. Its capital Copenhagen is one of the most visually stunning cities in the world.


London: Top 10 Most Historic Places To Visit On A City Escape

One of the most iconic cities in the world. London, the capital of England. England is one of the 4 countries that make up the United Kingdom along with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. London is famous for many things, of course the Royal family and Buckingham Palace. The river Thames features the iconic Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and the London eye to name a few. London is an old city dating as far back as 43 CE when the Romans occupied London and called it Londinium. This old city still keeps its charm even though it has managed to modernize itself to keep up with the rest of the world. London manages to maintain a wonderful balance of old and new.


Weekend In Historical Florence On A City Escape

Florence is a beautiful historic city in Italy and is the capital of Tuscany. This region is dominated by rolling hills filled with world-class wineries and forests full of hidden truffles. The city of Florence is most famous for its collection of Renaissance art, especially the famous nude statue of ‘David’ by Michelangelo. The city itself is home to dozens of stunning art galleries, cathedrals, towers and gardens. It is a history lover’s dream. Florence and the entire region of Tuscany has pretty nice weather all year round.


Top 10 Historic Sites in Lisbon, Portugal

The Portuguese capital, Lisbon, is a historically rich and culturally diverse coastal city. Geographically, the landscape of Lisbon is quite hilly, and for tourists, that is always a good thing. More hills means more epic views! The city’s history dates back dozens of centuries. Portugal will always be remembered for the world’s “Age of Exploration” (or “Age of Discovery”). If it weren’t for Portuguese naval explorers, the Western civilizations may have never been found. Lisbon is flooded with historically valuable landmarks.


Top 10 Romantic Experiences In Venice To Enjoy On A City Escape

Venice is a picturesque city in Northern Italy. It is known as the ‘city of canals’ and the ‘floating city’ due to the fact that it is spread out over 100 small islands within a lagoon off the Adriatic sea. You will have no need for a car as there are no roads, only canals. Venice is considered one of the most romantic destinations in the world with its winding canals, incredible architecture, fascinating history, sumptuous wines and of course incredible gelato. It is definitely a city that’s not hard to fall in love with. Seems fitting that the world’s most famous seducer, Casanova, was born here. Venice is also known as the ‘city of bridges’, there are more than 400 of them that cross over the 170 canal ways. That is why the best way to get around this unique city is by walking or taking river taxis.


Istanbul: Top 10 Historic Sites

The great city of Istanbul captivates the likings of travelers from around the world. Rich with historic value and memorable cultural experiences, the city of Istanbul has surely peaked your interest before. This city divides Eastern Europe and Asia with the natural Bosphorus Strait connecting the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea. It is the history of this great city that drives tourists in droves to visit every year. The city of Istanbul, formerly Constantinople, was a Roman Imperial powerhouse for centuries.


Asia City Escapes

Singapore city escapes

Photo by Joshua Ang on Unsplash


Tokyo: Top 10 Weird & Wonderful Attractions To Enjoy On A City Escape

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and is home to over 37 million people, making it the most populated city in the world. This incredible city is vibrant, whacky and will definitely be one of the most unique places you ever visit. It offers a unique blend of culture, with the Imperial Palace paying homage to the past and Harajuku being the epi-centre of modern pop culture. With such a heavily populated city, it isn’t surprising that Tokyo is home to the world’s busiest train station, Shinjuku, which sees more than 3.5 million commuters a day. Speaking of train stations, the one to visit is Shibuya.


New Delhi: 10 Best Ways To Delve Into Indian Culture

New Delhi is the capital of India.It is the most populated city in the country and the second most populated worldwide with a whopping 31 million people calling it home. Its past being intertwined with the British has resulted in some incredible and distinct architecture. Their buildings and monuments are unique to New Delhi. This city is actually home to the world’s tallest brick building, the Qutub Minar. It stands at an incredible 240 feet tall. One of the city’s most impressive structures has to be the Lotus Temple. It is the only example of Baha’i architecture in Asia. This incredibly populated city has lots of hidden gems to discover.


Perfect Weekend In Singapore On A City Escape

Singapore is also known as The Lion City and The Garden City. It has evolved from a humble fishing village into one of the most advanced metropolitan cities in the world. Singapore has earned its reputation of being one of the cleanest and greenest cities on the planet, because of Singapore’s very strict rules. Littering in Singapore can cost you a fine of up to US$1,000 for first time offenders. Considering Singapore’s small size, there is more to do here than some countries 10 times bigger. It is effortless to get around on the very inexpensive and clean public transport system called the MRT (mass rapid transit).


History Guide China: Top Historic Sites In Beijing

Beijing, the capital city of one of the most historically rich and diverse nations in the world. The Chinese capital has a history dating back over three thousand years. Beijing combines modern elite architecture with the thrill of ancient cities and cherished landmarks. Many treasures, artifacts and landmarks within Beijing are due to its powerful presence of Eastern religion. Thousands of years worth of ancient Chinese dynasties have transformed the city into what it is today. Beijing happens to be a top contender for many world travelers’ bucket lists, and for good reason!


Kuala Lumpur: Top 10 Places You Can’t Miss On A City Escape

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and one of the most popular cities in the world to visit. It is home to over 8.2 million people and attracts more than 14 million tourists every year. In fact, in 2019, it was the 10th most visited city in the world. The most famous landmark in this city has to be the Petronas Twin towers. For a time, they were the tallest buildings in the world, constructed in 1993, they remain to this day, as the tallest twin buildings on earth. Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia and enjoys a pretty hot and humid climate year-round.


Kolkata: Top 10 Cultural Sites Not To Be Missed

Kolkata which was formerly known as Calcutta is the capital of the West Bengal state of India. Commonly referred to as just West Bengal. It was founded by the East India Trading company and was for a time, India’s capital. It is situated on the far eastern side of the country. India stays relatively hot year-round with a monsoon/rainy season running from June to September. This is why temperatures are usually warmer in April than in the middle of the summer in July.


North America City Escapes

Toronto City Escape

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash


Houston, Texas: Best Of The Best

he southeastern Texas city of Houston is recognized as the metropolis of the South. The southern American state of Texas is known for its independent culture compared to the rest of the United States, and Houston shows just that. Rodeo’s and barbecues are all things that make Houston special. If you get tired of the city, make your way just 40 miles south to the famous Galveston Bay. The bay offers adventurous activities like surfing and pier theme park, as well as a relaxing view of the Gulf of Mexico. The city of Houston is historically remembered for its NASA Space Station Houston. Without this southern city, the famous astronaut phrase would have just been “we have a problem”. Houston has a great variety of nightlife attractions. Learn how to get your boot-scoot on!


Best Of New Orleans

The Southern US city of New Orleans is one of the coolest places to visit in the country. Here you will find some of the most culturally diverse people surrounded by swampland. The city of New Orleans is based below sea level. During the summer time, the temperatures tend to hit upper 90s and are extremely humid. Summertime in New Orleans also happens to be the rainiest time of year. The city of New Orleans, also known as Nola, is known as the birthplace of Jazz music.


Toronto: Top 10 Unique Activities

Toronto is the capital of the province of Ontario located in southeastern Canada. It’s also Canada’s largest city and a world leader in business, finance, technology, entertainment and culture. Toronto is also one of the most multicultural cities in the world, welcoming some of the largest number of immigrants yearly.


Greatest Day/Weekend Trips From Seattle

The coastal city of Seattle is now one of the top destinations in the United States. The greater Seattle area is full of life and adventure. Surrounded by the Cascade Mountain Range and the Puget Sound, Seattle is one of the most beautiful places in the nation. Explore ocean-life at one of Seattle’s many scenic beaches including Alki Beach and the famous Golden Gardens Beach Park. Hiking along Mountain Loop Highway and through Stevens Pass offers some absolutely unreal experiences for outdoors people.

The inner city of Seattle is full of artistic talent and history. The music scene in Seattle is one of the most impressive found on the West Coast, most famous for its Hard Rock/Grunge scene in the late 1980s and 1990s. Pop Culture and modern art embellish Seattle with the newly remodeled and re-established MoPop (Museum of Pop culture). Let’s not forget about Seattle’s Seafood.


Australia & New Zealand City Escapes

Sydney Australia

Photo by Dean Bennett on Unsplash


Gold Coast: Top 10 Thrills And Chills

The Gold Coast epitomizes the famous Queensland saying, “where the weather is good one day and great the next!” Surfer’s paradise meets towering skyscrapers. The Gold Coast in southern Queensland, Australia is a metropolis on the beach. It boasts a whopping 44 miles of white sandy beaches that stretch for as far as the eye can see. The Gold Coast is a top destination for tourists and Australians alike. The city is extremely modern and clean with its city blocks leading straight out onto the beach.

Be sure to wear your best swimmers cause there is literally a whole city looking at you. Its unique location sets it apart from other beaches in Australia as most other beaches are fairly remote and far from amenities. It isn’t just the beaches that the Gold Coast is famous for, it’s the theme parks as well. The Gold Coast is home to 5 of the largest theme parks in the whole country and they are all within a few miles of each other


The Top 10 Uniquely Sydney Attractions

Sydney, often mistaken as the capital of Australia, is only the state capital of New South Wales. This is because of its infamous Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach and Darling Harbour all being in the center of every commercial. Despite being one of the biggest cities, it is home to over 100 beaches. Australians can never get away without the beach bum stereotype because of this. Sydney has developed into the multicultural hub of Australia, home to over 270 ethnic groups.


Middle East City Escapes

Jerusalem city escapes

Photo by Levi Meir Clancy on Unsplash


Jerusalem: Experience The Most Influential Religions

Jerusalem is the recognised capital of Israel and is also known as the ‘holy city’. It is one of the oldest cities in the world and the largest city in Israel. This holy city is one troubled by decades of conflict. It stands as a place of major significance to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. More than 3.5 million people visit Jerusalem each year. Some 350,000 of them are Jewish pilgrims making a journey to get as close to God as earthly possible.


Top 10 Experiences In Tel Aviv, Miami Of The Midde East

Tel Aviv is Israel’s economic center and the second largest city in the country behind the capital. It is home to just under half a million people. Tel Aviv may be relatively small in terms of population but has the largest economy per capita in the Middle East. This city is the second largest tech startup location in the world. First of course being the infamous Silicon Valley in California. So what makes this tech savvy city vacation worthy?

Tel Aviv is home to a world class collection of Bauhaus architecture that was designed and built by German Jews wanting to celebrate design. This was the first modern Hebrew city that was once only an expanse of nothing but sand dunes. This incredible city was declared the 9th best beach city on the planet by National geographic. It is no wonder when Tel Aviv enjoys around an average of 300 days of sunshine per year. It’s the perfect place to work on your tan and beach body.


Africa City Escapes

Cape town city escapes

Photo by Thomas Bennie on Unsplash


Cape Town: A First-Timers Vacation To South Africa

South Africa’s coastal city, Cape Town, is a bucket list destination for travelers around the world. The city is filled with adventure and cultural experiences. For excellent local experiences, be sure to check out the V&A Waterfront as well as its farmers markets like the famed Neighborhoods Market and the Oranjezicht City Farm Market.

A great day trip adventure from Cape Town is to take a ferry to the historic Robben Island. The island features an old Prison converted into a museum where former South African President Nelson Mandela was held prisoner for some time.


-Gemma Winchester, Tripio Guru


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