Quebec: Top 10 Unique Experiences

Breathtaking views, incredible nature, and something for everyone’s taste. The province of Quebec in Canada needs to be on your top 10 places to travel to before you die! 

Quebec is one of Canada’s thirteen provinces/territories; the largest by area and second-largest by population. A large majority of the residents live in urban zones along the St. Lawrence river, including the capital, Quebec City, and the most populous city, Montreal. The whole area is absolutely gorgeous; the natural aspect is something you have to take advantage of, no matter which season your vacation is in!


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Quebec City is home to the most Francophones, or French speakers, anywhere in the world outside of France. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage site, the nation’s oldest city, and the only walled city north of Mexico. The heart of the city is filled with historic buildings and iconic landmarks dating back to Canada’s beginnings. 

There are also an endless number of incredible adventures to be had outside of Quebec City, in the province! Smell heaven at a lavender farm, go skiing, or see an underground city… regardless of what your interests happen to be, the Tripio app can help you find the precise itinerary and activities for your travel wishes. Go get out there and explore the most unique top 10 things to do in Quebec.

1.Hike to the Carbide Willson Ruins and Falls 


Photo by Christopher Austin on Unsplash

Follow this winding trail through the forest of Parc de Gatineau, past a magical lake, and you’ll find some spooky ruins! Delight in the splashing waterfalls on this easy out-and-back trail. The history behind the ruins is also fascinating.

This spot is perfect for photo shoots- if you’re willing to have an adventurous walk! It’s 3.4 km, or 2.1 miles long, and the elevation gain is 129 m (423 ft); doable for most people.

In winter, this trail is strictly for cross-country skiing; no hiking or dogs are allowed. Outside of winter, you can bring dogs (on a leash) and hike, of course.

Make a lovely day out of these unique ruins, and bring a picnic lunch to enjoy the clean air and the sounds of nature! Unfortunately, parking for the trail is around $13, because there is no free parking nearby. It’s definitely worth it; just be aware that the trial is busier on weekends.

Get some light exercise and don’t forget water, snacks, and the proper gear for the season. Take pictures of the mysterious ruins among the beautiful forest landscape, the splashing waterfalls, rustling trees, and/or the sparkling snow. Put this awesome place on your custom itinerary with Tripio!

2. Admire a Wolf Pack at Parc Oméga in Quebec

Wolves Quebec

Photo by Ali Kazal on Unsplash

Looking for an unforgettable bucket list item while you travel in the Quebec region? How does sleeping in a cabin or lodge with large windows, located right in the middle of a wolf pack sound? 

Wake up and see a wolf out the window! You’ll be able to appreciate their beauty, interactions, and lifestyles, without disturbing them. Chill out and relax in this awesome nature glamping park that includes many other animals, too!

At Parc Omega, natural tourism is a science. It’s very well-organized, safe for kids/guests, and the animals live well. They roam freely, protected from each other, of course. Enjoy the company of buffalo, deer, moose, elk, bears, and wolves while you vacation.

Choose between a cabin, chalet, or lodge; either way, you’ll have access to wonderful views and services such as the wolf/bear boardwalk, kitchens, showers, and playgrounds. You’ll also find hiking trails to enjoy. Don’t pass up this amazing chance to wake up with a pack of wolves outside your door! 


3. Hike, Kayak & Canoe in Jacques-Cartier National Park

Kayak Quebec

Photo by Alice Triquet on Unsplash

Go get lost in the best way. Jacques‑Cartier National Park proudly has over 100 km (62 miles) of hiking trails which offer some incredible flora and fauna, colorful trees, and breathtaking views! Enjoy the enchanting setting, fresh air, on many trails through the woods. 

In the fall, marvel at how the mountain sides become completely colorful with autumn foliage. You’ll never forget walking through the valleys and hills of this gorgeous natural park.

You can also kayak and canoe in Jacques-Cartier National Park! Some daring people even opt to canoe to a camp spot. You’ll have to pay only a small fee to enter the park. The visitor center can help you decide which trail to follow, as well as rent you a lot of different gear. Get more information on the Tripio App about these iconic travel adventures and more.

4. Old Quebec City Evening Gourmet Food & History Tour

Quebec Food

Photo by Nathalia Segato on Unsplash

Having trouble deciding which restaurants to visit while you’re in Quebec? On this complete historical and food tour by HQ Services Touristiques, you’ll be able to sample 5 gourmet restaurants and delicacies such as amuse-bouche, charcuterie, and flambé!

This unique tour includes 6-8 historical stops, depending on the group’s interests and pace. Groups are capped at 10 people, so you’ll be sure to have an intimate, relaxed time. The professional guide will lead you to five gourmet stops, each including food and drink. Dig into Quebec City’s top rated eats! The reviews couldn’t be more positive. 

Indulge in a mouth watering maple syrup pie, mashed potatoes and beef tongue, and a mushroom risotto ball, to high end wine and great conversation. Time will fly!

Additionally, the tour includes a funicular ticket to go up and get a fantastic view. Plus, it includes entry to the walled city. Come feel more like a local and don’t let any hidden gems slip you up! Tours are offered in French, English, and Chinese.

5. Sunset and Daytime Excursion Yoga in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

Quebec Yoga

Photo by @excursionyoga on IG

Picture yourself doing yoga while admiring a breathtaking view of the lakes and mountains. It’s not too good to be true; Excursion Yoga in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec is something you have to try! You’ll hike to access an outdoor studio at height and practice yoga in complete peace. 

A picnic lunch will be offered at the end of the session before returning to the meeting point. So, 2 hours 15 minutes of hiking, 1 hour of yoga, and a 30 minute picnic.

This is all set in the gorgeous, mountainous area of Mont-Tremblant. You’ll fall in love with the endless trees and clean air. Combined hiking and yoga with incredible views in a serene landscape will help you feel connected to nature, yourself, and the universe.

However, the arguably cooler option that yogis of any level should check out is the sunset/moonrise excursion yoga in Mont-Tremblant! Add it to your custom itinerary now if it’s not already on there. The mountain that the group climbs depends on their level, but they are all beautiful and isolated from the outside world.

These magical excursions are offered in English, French, and Spanish and it’s definitely a top thing to do in Quebec. Book your adventure now with Tripio App and get your omm on!


6. Heavenly Smells at the Lavender House & Boutique

Lavender Quebec

Photo by Will Ge on Unsplash

The Lavender House, or Maison Lavande, is a lavender farm and boutique open to the public for 10 years. They offer an array of activities in summer. The boutique features an array of lavender essential oils and products to keep you relaxed; it’s open all year around.

With good smells around, you can shop for household products, essential oils, infusers, gifts, skin care products, and other great finds! The aromas of lavender will make your brain sigh with joy. Come for live music on the weekends in July. 

This is a wonderful, unique summer outing for families, couples, and friends alike. Whether you want to picnic in the lavender fields, take a short hike, take photographs, indulge at the bistro, etc. this is a cathartic experience that should not be passed up! It’s a worthy choice to end up on your custom top 10 list.

7. Visit Montreal’s Underground City, Quebec

Quebec Underground city

Photo by Kenan Alboshi on Unsplash

Rightfully inspired by Canada’s cold winters, The Underground City (also known as RÉSO) is a series of interconnected office towers, shopping centers, hotels, convention halls, universities, and performing arts venues… all under the earth. 

The name is a little misleading in the sense that it refers to the entire complex, consisting of the underground connections between the buildings and its integration with the city’s underground rapid transit system. Think of it as an indoor city where you can accomplish many things without stepping foot outdoors. You’ll have so much fun exploring this underground city. What a unique thing to do while you’re on vacation!

8. Guided Sea Kayak in Parc National du Fjord-du-Saguenay


Photo by Jaunathan Gagnon on Unsplash

Come get all the best of the sea on a guided kayak excursion! On every kayaking program are the fjord and its massive walls, following the tempo of the participants and the tides. It is the ocean, after all!

Ideal for discovering marine life, such as seals, mink, and beluga whales, each of the kayaking and kayaking/hiking adventures is sure to make you fall in love with the scenery. The boats are stable and comfortable. No experience required.

See this beautiful national park from the water; see some wildlife and sweeping views along the way, as you get a workout!

9. Get Mysterious at Le 4ᶱ Mur: Speakeasy Blues Bar, Quebec


Photo by @diane_thefoodie on IG

Le 4e Mur, which means “The Fourth Wall,” is a true underground speakeasy that everyone should visit. The fun begins with cocktails, a murder mystery theme, the presentation, and clues… you’ll just have to go to see for yourself!

This local watering hole and tourist gem is highly recommendable; the cocktails are fantastic, the staff are friendly, and the atmosphere is hip in an old school, velvety style. 

The bartenders will humor you with pretty much any drink you want! Order cheeses such as brie with honey, a croque monsieur, or a trio plate with baba ganoush, bruschetta, and a soft herbed cheese. Everything is delicious, but the cocktails and atmosphere are what you really have to go (multiple times) for!

10. Guaranteed Whale Watching with Croisiere Escoumins


Photo by sandrine potvin on Unsplash

Venture off the beaten track and feel blessed when you see many whales in the last 100% natural bay of the area. Croisiere Escoumins whale watching excursions are led by a knowledgeable, friendly, and respectful captain. You’ll also be accompanied by a biologist, who purports excitement and information. Expect clean, comfortable boats, and high quality, affordable experience!

The location is absolutely gorgeous, and you’re bound to see countless wildlife, including humpbacks, fin whales, minkes, as well as porpoises, seals, and belugas. This is a must-do activity for nature and animal lovers; have a super memorable time in the heart of Canadian nature. Don’t forget warm clothes and your camera. Speaking of warm clothes why not check out my blog on: Best Winter Adventures In Quebec

or check out: Alberta: Home To The World’s Most Beautiful Lakes

and Embrace Winter Wonderland: Adventure and Serenity Await in Quebec

-Verena O’Malley, Tripio Guru


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