10 Places A Foodie Must Try In Brisbane

Brisbane is the state capital of Queensland, Australia. It is home to approximately 2.3 million people. Queensland is known as the sunshine state for its famously good weather. This beautiful city is perfect for a vacation any time of year as it has fantastic weather. The best weather in fact, is in their winter which runs from June to August. This is because their winters are incredibly mild, sunny and dry. Their summers are hot, humid and full of thunderstorms. This city has been evolving into a city of culture for a few years now. It offers lots of museums and art galleries. Life thrives along the winding Brisbane river. This list we are delving into today is for the Brisbane foodie.

There are quite a few activities that will make the adventure seeker happy like rock climbing, hiking and surfing. When you are creating your custom itinerary on the Tripio app, ensure you rank the categories in order of how important they are to you. That way Tripio can create your perfect vacation by ticking off all your bucket list items. Speaking of bucket lists, some of us really like to enjoy our food and with the popularity of the book ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, we are shown that people are more than willing to travel across the world to satisfy their taste buds. 


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One thing that Brisbane has been growing nationally and getting recognized for is being a food capital. Some of Australia’s top chefs call this city home. When we go on vacation, one thing we all want to enjoy is our food. Some people like to try the food of the country they’ve traveled to and others like to stick to their own comfort food from home. Either way, let’s take a look at what cafes and restaurants are turning heads and getting noticed in Brisbane and start saving them on the Tripio app.

10. Ivory Tusk, Brisbane Foodie Favorite

Kicking off our custom top 10 list of places a foodie must try is the Ivory Tusk. Ivory Tusk captures the fun, colorful and vibrant vibe of Palm Springs. It is located right in the heart of Brisbane and offers a range of delights on their Mexican inspired menu from nachos to green tomatoes and spicy chili con carne, this food bar is bound to spice up your life. Cool down with one of their frozen margaritas.

9. Little Black Pug

Next up we have the Little Black Pug. Little Black Pug is a pooch friendly café so you are bound to see some beautiful dogs while enjoying a delicious brunch here. It is always nice to see dogs out and about when you’re on vacation, well I think so anyway. They offer a seasonal menu ensuring the freshest and most optimal ingredients are used. They serve breakfast and brunch and offer a great menu including a dog menu. Just make sure you order from the human menu cause dogs get it so good these days, you’d be tempted by their breakfast.

8. Charlie’s Raw Squeeze, Brisbane Foodie Healthy Options

Brisbane Charlie's Raw Squeeze Vegan Acai bowl

Photo by @vegoutt_gem_winchester on IG

Charlie’s Raw Squeeze offers delicious, fresh, healthy acai bowls, smoothies and more! This 100% vegan café creates colorful fruit bowls fresh in front of you. Check it out for a fruity time. There is a wide selection of fruit smoothies and acai bowls, each with specific and carefully selected vitamins to suit your needs for the day. Like you may want a protein smoothie if you are planning on a hike or strenuous exercise. A vitamin C rich one might suit better if you are feeling under the weather. Speak to the friendly staff and they can advise you on what to choose to help make your day better. The most amazing part about Charlie’s is it’s all vegan.

7. You Came Again, Brisbane Foodie

Brisbane You came again

Photo by @srheats on IG

Speaking of veganism, the vegan market has grown significantly in Brisbane over the past 10 years. From having nearly no vegan options to being one of the best cities in Australia for vegan options is quite the feat. You Came Again is a hip venue in the heart of Brisbane’s West End. It offers a range of tapas that encourages a great vibe. This is a great spot to have a meal with friends in a relaxed atmosphere. This cafe really understands how to use vegetables, herbs, fruits and spices together to create plant-based dishes that aren’t heavily reliant on soy/’fake’ meats.

6. Goccia Pizzeria

Italian food has to be on every foodies list somewhere. Who’s planning their itinerary and not considering stopping for pizza. This authentic pizzeria is located on the beautiful mermaid beach. They make fresh Italian woodfired pizzas on a thin and crispy base. They also serve pastas, risottos, dessert and a kids menu. When creating your custom itinerary and custom top 10 on the Tripio app, if you are traveling with your children on vacation, ensure to select kid friendly. This will allow Tripio to only show you places that are suitable for children, for example, places that have a kids menu.

5. Kakuya Teppanyaki

Teppanyaki is the hottest new craze in town. Coming in at number 5 in our foodie custom top 10 is Kakuya Teppanyaki. This Japanese restaurant serves traditional teppanyaki. There is a team of professional chefs that will cook your food right in front of you, fresh and hot. They cook everything from chicken, fish, wagyu beef, shrimp and pork. The catch is well, you have to catch your food. Once you have selected what you want to eat, the chef will prepare it and toss it to you to catch on your plate. This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘fun and fresh’. How adventurous are you with your food?

4. Neesh Bar

It wouldn’t be a foodie’s top 10 without a bar in there somewhere. Neesh bar and restaurant is the go-to spot for brunch and lunch. Located in East Brisbane, this trendy venue offers everything from lemongrass calamari to pulled pork, peri-peri chicken, hoisin duck and the millennials favorite, avocado on toast. They have decent vegetarian and vegan options as well.

3. Piggy Back Cafe, Brisbane Foodie Instagrammer

Brisbane Piggy Back Cafe colorful coffee art

Photo by @vegoutt_gem_winchester on IG

Piggy Back Café is located in the suburban neighborhood of Jindalee in Brisbane. It offers the most beautiful lattes. They create striking works of art in your coffee that makes it almost too pretty to drink. Make all your friends jealous with these colorful Instagram pictures.

2. Himalayan Cafe, Brisbane Foodie Atmosphere

Brisbane Himalayan Cafe

Photo by @vegoutt_gem_winchester on IG

Sweeping the number 2 spot is the Himalayan Café in New Farm. This quaint Himalayan style restaurant serves divine Nepalese cuisine. Ambient setting with dim lighting, incense burning and the option of having table and chairs or table and cushion. Makes it a romantic spot with great vegetarian and vegan options. You don’t have to adventure to the Himalayas to taste great, authentic Nepalese food. Traveler tip: ask to sit ‘out the back’, the ambience back there is incredible with elevated tables and cushion seating, it really is my favorite part of the café apart from the amazing food plus it is a lot quieter.


1. Yavanna, Brisbane Foodie Vegan

Brisbane Yavanna vegan food

Photo by @vegoutt_gem_winchester on IG

Finally, proudly taking the number 1 spot on our foodies top 10 list for Brisbane is Yavanna. Yavanna in Paddington, offers delicious food that you would never guess was 100% Plant-Based. They serve everything from burgers to nachos and even ribs! You won’t believe your taste buds. Some of us will travel far and wide, go on crazy adventures but what is it without good food? Thank you for reading, I hope you’re salivating after our foodie’s top 10.

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-Gemma Winchester, Tripio Guru


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