Best Sights To See On Your First Visit To Iceland

There is no doubt that Iceland is one of the most interesting travel destinations in the world. For travelers seeking adventure, mind blowing views, and otherworldly landmarks on their vacation then Tripio insists on creating a custom itinerary on the Tripio App and pursuing your first trip to Iceland. While planning that vacation, you may want a few things to keep you busy during your travels. This list aims to give you, the traveler, the best experience possible with some wild and adventure packed attractions. Tripio’s Best Sights to See on Your First Visit to Iceland targets all of the wonderful attractions that Iceland has to offer. There are plenty of more activities in Iceland that just didn’t quite make our list of the best of the best that can be discovered using the Tripio App. Without further adieu, let’s get you started with your future travel plans to Iceland. 

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Blue Lagoon Iceland

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Photo by Maarten Van Den Heuvel on Unsplash

To kick off your first vacation to Iceland you gotta go to the Blue Lagoon. This activity is a bucket list destination for any traveler seeking adventure and relaxation in Iceland. Bathe in the warm opaque baby blue waters of the Blue Lagoon and find yourself at peace. The Blue Lagoon is a former geothermal hotspot where tourists can enjoy a spa day and soak up the healthy minerals that swim throughout the lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is without a doubt a top destination in Iceland. It is conveniently located just outside of Reykjavik making it easily accessible for travelers staying in the city. Sit back and relax at this natural therapeutic retreat.

Hverir Geothermal Hotspots

Thermal Hotspot Iceland

Photo by Mark Kuiper on Unsplash

Commonly referred to as the Yellowstone of Iceland, the geothermal area of Hverir is a destination that always leaves its visitors satisfied and smiling. At this location, tourists can explore the natural phenomenon that covers Hverir. Discover boiling pots of mud, spitting geysers, rocks with colors that question reality and so much more. This is such a popping attraction that Tripio simply needed to put this among the best destinations in Iceland. The best part about this adventure is that it is self-guided. You are your own tour guide as you travel through the Hverir geothermal area! Hverir is one of those activities that cannot be passed on from your travel itinerary of Iceland. A marvel to the eyes and frankly a stinger to the nose. Sulfur!

Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach Iceland

Black Sand Beach

Photo by Chris Henry on Unsplash

Tripio had to include the black sand beaches of Reynisfjara on our list of the best sights to see during your first vacation to Iceland. The shores of Reynisfjara are some of the most photographed places in all of Scandinavia. Iceland, known for its otherworldly geological attractions. Where else in the world can you find volcanic rock from the beginning of time that rests on a beach of darkness with waves crashing at its feet. This gloomy and ominous coastline is a fantastic opportunity for tourists to adventure and explore the wonders of Iceland. As you travel about Reynisfjara, you will discover hidden caves, strangely formed rock formations, ominously standing rocks out at sea and a true image of the many beautiful offerings that Iceland has. Be sure to add Reynisfjara beach to your custom itinerary created on the Tripio App. 

Vatnajokull Ice Caves

Ice Caves

Photo by Matt Kochar on Unsplash

For the daring and true adventure enthusiasts, a tour of Vatnajokull’s Ice Caves is a destination that cannot be passed on while creating your custom itinerary on the Tripio App. Vatnajokull is Iceland’s largest glacier. The glacier opens up a phenomenal tour of the ancient ice tunnels that have been carved out. This travel destination has been featured in a number of films due to its pure beauty and purely astonishing magnificence. This is a fantasy world buried beneath several layers of glacial ice. A tour of the Vatnajokull Ice Caves is one that you will never forget. 

Hallgrimskirkja Church Iceland

Hallgrimskirkja church

Photo by Ferdinand Stohr on Unsplash

Perhaps the most visited man made landmark in Iceland is the church of Hallgrimskirkja. This mighty church is a modern Lutheran house of worship with a stunning architectural build. Hallgrimskirkja is right along with many of the listed destinations as a top photographed location in Iceland. The Hallgrimskirkja constructed in 1986 has been a top attraction for tourists in the nation’s capital. This church is a staple in Reykjavik’s arts category. While visiting Hallgrimskirkja, tourists may pay a small fee and take a tour up to the top of the power that peers over the city. What an adventure! Don’t forget to keep Hallgrimskirkja in mind as you create your custom itinerary on the Tripio App for travel. 

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall Iceland

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall Iceland

Photo by Robert Lukeman on Unsplash

Iceland’s next best attraction is without a doubt Seljalandsfoss Waterfall. Where travelers can actually walk right under the enormous waterfall! That’s right. A well maintained path takes visitors through a full 360 around the crashing of the waterfall. This is an easy adventure that is easily accessible to all. Parking is just off the road at Seljalandsfoss and a short easy path is taken right up to the cascade of crashing water. This is one of the most magical waterfalls on an island abundant with waterfalls. In fact, this attraction is also featured on Tripio’s Best Waterfalls in Iceland. This waterfall is so powerful that visitors often claim to experience a spiritual presence or awakening when visiting Seljalandsfoss. 

Svartifoss Waterfall

Svartifoss Waterfall Iceland

Photo by Casie Boca on Unsplash

Another attraction featured on Tripio’s Best Waterfalls in Iceland is the waterfall of Svartifoss. This destination is conveniently located in Vatnajokull National Park. So while visiting this National Park, travelers can knock out two birds with one stone! What makes this waterfall so amazing is the surrounding scenery. Svartifoss cascades over a thick layer of basalt rock. Over thousands of years the rocks have dissipated and created a rather interesting shape. A series of basalt columns now sits at the base of Svartifoss. This is one of the most photographed locations in Iceland, so photographers are definitely welcome! For those who travel with a thirst for adventure and thrilling satisfaction, Svartifoss is an attraction that cannot escape your travel itinerary that you create for your vacation to Iceland. 

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lake Iceland

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lake Iceland

Photo by Ribotan Paul on Unsplash

To conclude Tripio’s favorite things to do on your first vacation in Iceland, we have included Jökulsárlón Glacier Lake. Some may say we’ve saved the best for last…perhaps we have! Once you have seen this destination as well as all of the others on this list, you may as well have seen all of the geographical diversity that prospers in Iceland. This glacier lake is flooded with sharp jagged icebergs, fluffy seals, frigid waters and breathtaking views. And the views are not just breathtaking because of how cold it is.

Surrounded by the Southeast coastline of Iceland as well as distant mountains and an everlasting blue hue over all that can be seen. There are a couple of ways of which Jökulsárlón Glacier Lake can be toured. Option one is via boat tour. Option two is an out-n-back trail that circles the lake. Both are exceptional opportunities to explore one of Iceland’s best kept secrets. 

If you haven’t already begun planning your next vacation in Iceland, is there really anything else that is holding you back now? This destination is one of Tripio’s favorite and one that is highly recommended to visit. Exploring the otherworldly landscapes of Iceland is a magical experience that sticks with travelers for a lifetime. 

All of these activities and more can be discovered on the Tripio App. Build the perfect custom itinerary for your next adventure to Iceland! 

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-Matthew Knotek, Tripio Guru


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