Faroe Islands

Discover Faroe Island’s Oddities

The Faroe Islands are known for their lifetime adventures, otherworldly landscapes and their hidden treasures. These mythical islands hold some of the most fascinating locations and oddities found in the North Atlantic. Everything from waterfalls, historic grass-covered villages, mythical statues and folklore are all tied between the cold blue waters circling the Faroe Islands. Tripio aimed to set aside the strangest places and unique hidden gems that can be only found in the Faroe Islands. On the fence about your next adventure vacation to the Faroe Islands? Hopefully this will fuel the tank and set you off on your next adventure. Here we go! 

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Kirkjubømúrurin Magnus Cathedral

The largest collection of ancient ruins in all of the Faroe Islands. The Kirkjubømúrurin, more commonly known as the Magnus Cathedral, is perhaps the most well known and most visited historic landmark in all of Faroe Islands. The cathedral is located on Seymoy island, making it easily accessible for most travelers visiting this beloved destination. At one point the Magnus Cathedral was the largest medieval construct in the North Atlantic. Simply a must-see historic landmark during your vacation to the Faroe Islands. 

Faroe Islands: Village of Saksun

Faroe Islands

Photo by Jake Hinds on Unsplash

The village of Saksun is one destination that you will not want to miss during your adventures in the Faroe Islands. This historic village sits lakeside amongst the black-sand beaches of Saksun surrounded by mountains, sheep, and rolling grasslands. Saksun may be one of the most photogenic, ominous villages that you will ever step foot into. The houses and structures at Saksun were built with stone and grass-covered rooftops. A destination that is hard to find elsewhere! 

Faroe Islands: Sørvágsvatn Lake

Sørvágsvatn Lake Faroe Islands

Photo by Tomáš Malík on Unsplash

Sørvágsvatn Lake is the largest lake in the North Atlantic archipelago. No other lakes among the Faroe Islands come close to the sheer size of Sørvágsvatn Lake. This lake is a site to see and an adventure wonderland for all who travel to the Faroe Islands. Sørvágsvatn Lake is known as “the lake above the ocean”. Cliffs cascading down to the ocean blue from nearly every side of the lake. This destination is a personal favorite of Tripio’s and one that surely cannot be left out of your custom itinerary that you build using the Tripio App. A marvelous out-of-this-world site to see during your vacation.  

Vestmanna Sea Cliffs

Faroe Islands Cliffs

Photo by Sebastian Boring on Unsplash

Though less of a hidden gem, the Vestmanna Sea Cliffs are one of the most unique destinations in Faroe Islands and certainly one of the most sought after travel destinations. Using the Tripio App, this wild once-in-a-lifetime adventure is at the touch of your fingertips. Add this to your custom itinerary and watch the world unfold right before your eyes. The Vestmanna Sea Cliffs and a fascinating geographical oddity when the islands split into small channels. These crevices cut into the Faroe Islands allow enormous sea cliffs to emerge packed with history. These cliffs have the oldest stories to tell in the entire stretch of the Faroe Islands. Also a popular destination for local puffins to gather! 

The Tale of the Nix

The tale of the Nix is an ancient folklore tale told throughout the Faroe Islands. The Nix takes the shape of a gray horse-like creature and lures passers by into the waters that they are guarding (lake Sørvágsvatn). Once the innocent are lured into the water, this mythical beast takes shape of its true form and has its way with their lifeless souls. This landmark has become a popular destination for visitors who are interested in the native folklore that still remains a big part of Faroese culture. Watch your back as you travel near the great Nix. 


The Kópakonan is a landmark sure to fit on the custom itinerary of any traveler infatuated with arts, history and culture. The Kópakonan statue is an urban legend folklore tale told throughout the Faroe Islands. The story goes that in ancient Faroese folklore, seals were thought to be people who willingly gave their lives to the sea. Once a year the seals were allowed to return to land, shed their furry skins and enjoy a night of human privileges. In an effort to see if this story was true, a woman set out on the thirteenth night to see if the seals did. Surely enough the seals arrived in large numbers and shed their skins as they walked up the shoreline. The woman saw the most beautiful girl standing in the moonlight. From this story, we have Kópakonan, the legendary seal woman.

Faroe Islands: The Kirkja’s of the Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands

Photo by Lia Tzanidaki on Unsplash

Historically, the Faroe Islands are known for their ten famous Kirkja’s (churches) located all across the islands. These churches are all tucked away into scenic locations. Surrounded by mountains, streams, rolling hills, lakes and grasslands. These ten old wooden churches are some of the greatest and most unique spots to check out as you travel through the Faroe Islands. All of these churches can be found using the Tripio App and added to your very own personal custom itinerary. Check out a few or hunt them all down!

All of these adventure activities and more can be found using the Tripio App! 

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-Matthew Knotek, Tripio Guru


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