Discover Malta’s Natural Beauty

Malta is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. How do you possibly make a top 10 list of Malta’s natural delights, adventures, and beauty? The Maltese island country is filled with everything from rolling fields to white cliffs to desert landscapes to sandy beaches to caves to cliffs perfect for diving into the sea to vineyards, from sunup past sundown there is beauty in every direction. Malta offers such incredible views, and because it is made of such small islands you can see the Mediterranean Sea from the center of the island. Malta is, after all, a Mediterranean island, so in other words, it’s surrounded by a beautiful ocean. This is especially true at several of the famous and beautiful beaches and swimming holes like the Blue Lagoon and Coral Lagoon, that both offer crystal clear water. Of course there are plenty of outdoor activities to indulge in – walking, checking out caves, soaking up the sun, or even going diving, making it a perfect vacation destination to travel to.

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With so many natural beauties, and natural adventures that exist in Malta, Gozo, and Comino, the Maltese islands make it almost impossible to create a Top 10 list of things to do in Malta’s beautiful nature – but that won’t stop us from putting together this incredible list. At Tripio we pride ourselves on helping travelers like you create a custom itinerary to make sure you experience the best of Malta’s nature, beauty, and adventure. Travelers using the Tripio App, will be able to experience the absolute best of Malta.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Photo by @MHEpic on IG

The Blue Lagoon is often deemed the most beautiful spot in the Mediterranean Sea, and with its crystal clear waters the Blue Lagoon certainly lives up to their name and is a must add bucket list item for any itinerary. Nestled in the channel between Comino and Cominotto, and easily accessible from both Malta and Gozo by ferry. There are also day boat trips available, treating visitors to a tour of the caves and allowing them the luxury of plunging into the glorious waters from any point in the channel. Though blissfully untainted by the spoils of the modern world, there are sunbeds and umbrellas available, as well as beach kiosks selling refreshments. Swimmer or not, you’re sure to be seduced by the peace and tranquility of this charming Mediterranean oasis.

Pro tip: Get there early in the morning so that you can pick out one of the best spots on the shoreline to enjoy the truly beautiful surroundings of the Blue Lagoon, as you spend your day soaking in the water, while also soaking in the sun and the breathtaking beauty of the Blue Lagoon.

Ramla Beach

Ramla Beach

Photo by @MHEpic on IG

Ramla Beach, which when translated means red beach, is considered by many to be the most beautiful beach on the island of Gozo. The unique color of the sand varies from a copper hue to a bright orange during the day. Ramla Beach is a red sanded beach that is set on a curved bay and is surrounded by rocky cliffs.

There at the beach you will find a statue of The Virgin Mary, which was placed there in 1881 to protect sailors and swimmers. The water is pretty shallow, getting deeper gradually, making it a good location to swim safely with kids and to snorkel for beginners. Although a few snack bars have been erected at the edge of the beach in recent years, this beach offers a true glimpse of what all of Malta was once like – undisturbed, peaceful and full of natural beauty.

Don’t miss Calypso’s cave, which is believed to be the mythical cave where the beautiful nymph Calypso held Odysseus as a prisoner of love for seven years in Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey. And also visit Tal-Mixta Cave for a view of the entire bay.

 Tal-Mixta Cave

 Tal-Mixta Cave

Photo by @MHEpic on IG

Tal Mixta Cave is jaw-droppingly gorgeous and is located on the north side of Gozo island. Tal-Mixta Cave is a rugged cave accessed on foot with far-reaching sea and island views including Ramla Beach that are striking at sunset. Tal Mixta Cave is a picturesque cave high up in the hills of Nadur, a small village with a population of around 4500 people.

While often seen on billboards and tourism advertisements, the truth is that Tal Mixta is still one of Gozo’s hidden gems. The cave essentially acts as a window for one of the grandest views you’ll ever see in Malta. You will immediately be drawn to the large overhanging rock opening, offering an amazing vantage point over Ramla Bay and the open sea of the northern coast. Through the wide crevice of the cave, visitors will be able to witness a breathtaking panorama of Ramla Beach, one of Gozo’s widest and most famous beaches.

 Gozo Salt Pans

Gozo Salt Pans Malta

Photo by @MHEpic on IG

The Salt Pans in Gozo’s northerly coast just up from Marsalforn are a transfixing landmark and of vital importance, upholding an ancient trade and skill, whilst harvesting one of Gozo’s important natural raw materials – Salt. In Gozo, the process of making artisan salt through evaporation goes back to Phoenician and Roman times. You have likely seen images of these salt pans on Instagram or Facebook. Let us promise you something, the pictures don’t do them justice. It is even more beautiful than you have seen in pictures. Truly the views of the coast and the Mediterranean Sea from these salt pans are extraordinary and should not be missed while visiting on vacation, make sure you add them to your custom itinerary on Tripio App.

Using sea-water evaporation to produce sea-salt has changed little over the centuries.  Sea water is pumped from the sea into large feeding pools, there, the salt-water becomes highly concentrated and is then passed into the smaller boxes to the shallower pools.  So, good sea water and good wind, the rock being warmed by the sun and the sun then evaporating the seawater is essentially how this natural sea-salt is created.

Santa Maria Caves

The Santa Maria Caves are located on the north side of Comino and is a very popular dive site due to its fascinating cave systems. To avoid the crowds it is recommended to arrive early. There are 10 caves known to divers as Santa Maria Caves and they each have their own particular beauty. Some of them offer great swimming channels, some with large underwater tunnels while others have fascinating views into the blue through their entrance. The caves are quite shallow and some of the caves are even half above water, also ideal for snorkelers. The shallow Santa Maria Caves are rich in marine life. The pretty Santa Maria Caves are suitable for all levels of divers and offers plenty of things to explore and for the underwater photographer the possibilities are never-ending. If you are looking for a special and memorable swimming adventure, then add Santa Maria’s Caves to your bucket list to your custom top ten list with Tripio App. Don’t miss out.

Golden Bay

Golden Bay is a very popular sand beach in Malta. The beach is surrounded by the natural dunes and steep cliffs, with the Ghajn Tuffieha Tower built by the Knights of Malta looking over. With glorious golden sand, spectacularly clear water, and breathtaking views, this delightful swim spot is truly a sight to behold. Considered one of the best beaches in Malta without a doubt – travelers love to hang out soaking up the sun while on vacation.

Golden Bay Beach is located on the west side of the island and offers amazing views of sunsets. Some of the most beautiful sunsets in Malta will also offer romantic walks on the beach. In addition, the beach is regularly subject to small waves that reach up to one meter. It is one of the only beaches in Malta where surfing is sometimes possible. Golden Bay might be the ideal swimming and snorkeling spot for you. Does a beautiful, fun, and relaxing beach make your travel itinerary?

Coral Lagoon

Coral Lagoon

Photo by @MHEpic on IG

The Coral Lagoon is a hidden cave on the northernmost part of the island of Malta that is a very popular diver’s spot due to its crystal clear waters. The Coral Lagoon is one of Malta’s natural wonders, which recently became one of Malta’s most popular Instagram spots thanks to its stunning scenery and amazing views. This small sea cave and natural lagoon with crystal clear water is perfect for kayakers, swimmers, and those looking to jump into the sea from a cliff. It definitely should not be missed by those seeking the most beautiful natural sites on the Island. Inside the cave, travelers will discover crystal clear waters, in a calm, protected lagoon. This is a great spot to swim, or simply sit and relax away from the busy crowds of Malta. Its waters are crystal clear, making it a popular spot for divers and snorkelers who explore the underwater caves. The unique space is open to daylight which keeps water temperatures inside the grotto a few degrees warmer than outside.


The water is deep enough to jump, there is a sign just above the cave discouraging people from jumping. Mostly because it is quite difficult to get back out of the cave. You have to swim out to the sea and around to a low part of the cliff, a few hundred meters near the bend. The waves can also get quite rough outside the cave, which you might not notice before jumping.

The Wied il-Mielaħ Arch

The Wied il-Mielaħ Arch Malta

Photo by @MHEpic on IG

The Wied il-Mielaħ Window is a limestone natural arch that resembles a window and is perhaps Gozo’s best-kept secret– as far as coastal rock formations go. It is located at the end of the valley Wied il-Mielaħ, north of the village of Għarb. This natural arch is less well-known than the Azure Window, which unfortunately collapsed in March 2017 following a heavy storm.

This natural landmark is a very picturesque scene. You will find it wrapped around a small bend on the coast, standing tall above the turquoise-blue, crystal-clear waters of the open sea.

Pro Tip: Since it is open 24 hours a day, a flashlight is recommended for nighttime visits.

 St. Peter’s Pool

St Peter's Pool

Photo by @MHEpic on Ig

Found at the tip of Delimara Point, just off the tall chimney tower next to Marsaxlokk Bay, this is a popular swimming spot with locals and tourists alike. This natural pool is surrounded by a large flat slab, which is perfect for sunbathing and jumping off of. This makes it the perfect adventure spot for your vacation with some cliffs to go diving from, but it’s also easy and relaxing

It is not easy to reach, but if you follow the rough track towards where a sign says St Peter’s Pool, you will be rewarded with an unobstructed view of the beautiful blue-green waters that make this a well-loved bathing spot. To enter the water, you can either use one of the ladders available, or even dive off the smooth rock surface. A fantastic place to enjoy some snorkeling, or a leisurely swim.

 St. Mary Magdalene Chapel – Stargazing at Night

Stargazing Malta

Photo by @MHEpic on IG

The area around St. Mary Magdalene Chapel is as isolated as it gets in this western part of the island, and on clear nights offers incredible vistas of the stars above. Especially on clear nights without the moon the stars will literally sparkle the entire sky above you. You’ll not mind a few lights twinkling from the boats at sea far below and the warm glow from the nearby village, as you’re sure to enjoy a stunning night sky on a clear night. This should be a bucket list item for anyone visiting Malta because of how clear the nights can be, and with minimal light pollution the stars in the sky really shine.

One of the great features of Malta is that it offers plenty of wide-open spaces. It’s a real treat for anyone fascinated by astronomy. Try visiting St. Mary Magdalene Chapel toward the end of the day to see this tiny yet historical and beautiful little chapel. Be sure you bring some food to have a great picnic to watch the sun go down, and finally be amazed by the stars as they come out one by one to light up the sky.

Make sure you travel with the Tripio App and use Tripio to make your our custom top 10 list and tell us what made your list. I hope you enjoyed my blog on Malta, until next time, keep traveling. 

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-Mike E, Tripio Guru

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