Houston, Texas: Best Of The Best

The large metropolitan city of Houston has been on the map of the United States since 1837. Houston is most recognized for its affiliation with the NASA Space Program that was established in the late 1950’s. This is a large city in Texas, so be prepared to get your boot-scoot down and your yee-haws up and at em! Tripio took the time to comprise a list of the best attractions that first-timers and frequent travelers alike should check out while touring this great Texan city of Houston. In addition, the activities listed below include every kind of attraction that you can think of. Everything from surfing at the neighboring beaches, historical and cultural landmarks, and the best things to do during your vacation in Houston, Texas. Without further adieu, let’s kick off Tripio’s list of Top sites to see in this city. 


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1. Space Center Houston 

Houston space center

Photo by Mark Konig on Unsplash

The Johnson Space Center, otherwise known as Space Center is the most remembered destination in all of Houston. It is in every American’s vocabulary, “Houston, we have a problem”. This unforgettable quote stems from the city of Houston’s participation in the NASA Space Program. As of 2014, Space Center Houston is now recognized as an affiliate of Smithsonian museums. Dozens of exhibits at Space Center Houston explore the wonders that lie out past the stars of our galaxy. An unforgettable exhibit is the Moon Landing of 1969 that is magnificently displayed at this high-tech museum. Fans of NASA’s Space Programs will be thrilled to cross this amazing attraction off of their bucket list. Without question while creating your Custom Itinerary on the Tripio App, be sure to add the Houston Space Center. 

2. Galveston Beach 

Houston Galveston Beach

Photo by Vashti Collins on Unsplash

There are some travelers who travel to Houston just to visit Galveston Beach. This stunning beach resides on the North coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Galveston Beach is approximately 50 miles South of inner city Houston. A picture-perfect pier stands along the bay offering a stunning view at any time of day. Moreover, sunset-chasers this is one destination that you will not want to miss on your vacation. Take a dip in the warm waters of the Gulf, sunbathe on the soft golden sand, grab a bite to eat, the adventure opportunities are endless by adding Galveston beach to your travel itinerary. 

3. Kemah Boardwalk + Theme Park

Houston Kemah Boardwalk and Themepark

Photo by Pilar Salvador on Unsplash

Kemah Themepark is a getaway for Houston locals. Located just 30 miles South of Houston, the Kemah Boardwalk rides the coast of the Gulf of Texas. The theme park at the Kemah Boardwalk is full of adrenaline pumping adventure. Roller Coasters, carnival games, fair food, neon lights and more. For first time visitors to this city, Tripio highly recommends a visit to this wholesome attraction!

4. Battleship Texas 

Houston Battleship

Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash

Battleship Texas is always a hit activity amongst first time visitors to Houston. USS Texas BB-35 was the last battleship to dock after the end of World War II. In addition, the former battleship was converted into a tourist attraction and museum. Touring the Battleship Texas is a fantastic opportunity to jump back into history and see what the troublesome lives of the Greatest American Generation were like. History lovers will love to cross this item off of their Houston vacation bucket list. Battleship Texas is without a doubt a Top 10 destination to add to your Custom Itinerary that you create on the Tripio App. 

5. Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Houston

Houston Hindu Temple

Photo by Alisa Matthews on Unsplash

Not exactly what you would expect to find in the heart of a large Texan metropolis, but this Hindu Temple strikes awe in every visitor’s eyes. Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is a Hindu Temple with a marvelous interior and exterior. This landmark brings travelers in droves to see its intricate design and architecture. Surrounding the temple are a series of fountains and gardens giving it a magnificent setting and atmosphere. Tripio highly recommends visiting this out-of-the-ordinary Hindu Temple tucked away in this concrete jungle. 

6. Houston Graffiti Building 

Graffiti Building Texas Instagram spot

Photo by Carl Hunley Jr. on Unsplash

For a very local experience, check out the Houston Graffiti Building. The Graffiti Building is a popular tourist attraction and a hotspot for photography. Global events, pop culture, character and public figures are all displayed on the Houston Graffiti Building in a variety of artistic ways. Visiting the Houston Graffiti Building is always a hit with visitors. Colorful variations of your favorite people from around the world! 

7. Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Houston Museum of fine arts

Photo by Tony Reid on Unsplash

Yes, every major city has their version of a fine arts museum. The Houston Museum of Fine Arts goes the whole nine yards. Very thoughtfully and intricately designed, Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts is ideal for anybody looking to add some pizzazz to their travel itinerary. Fantastic and adventurous exhibits make up the body of the Fine Arts Museum in Houston. Wide variety of art-forms and exhibits to explore. 

This concludes Tripio’s list of the Best Things to See and Do during your vacation in Houston, Texas. 

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-Matthew Knotek, Tripio Guru 


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