Top 10 Cultural Sites In Czech Republic

The capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague, is a historic capstone of central Europe. The city and its neighbors are rich in historic value and cultural sites. The Czech history dates back to the early 5th century with tales of Kings, great battles, grand cathedrals and much more. Many of these historic relics remain in good standing. After the demolition occurring during both World Wars, much of old Europe was left in dust. The inner city of Prague was left practically untouched by both of the World Wars. From across the globe, people place the city of Prague high up on their travel list mainly for its rich historic sites and cultural experiences. From medieval fortresses to castles built for kings, here are the top 10 Art/History/Culture sites and experiences in the Czech Republic. 


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1.  The Prague Castle, Czech Republic

 Czech Republic Prague Castle

Photo by kwan fung on Unsplash

Prague Castle is perhaps the most visited site in all of Czech Republic. One cannot travel to Prague without visiting The Prague Castle (Praszky Hrad). This complex of architecture, constructed in the 9th century by French architect Matthias of Arras and German architect Peter Parler, has served as a home and workplace for several important Czech figures. In its heyday, the castle served as a home to the Kings of Bohemia. Roman Emperors have also called this place home. As well as in the past, the current President of Czech Republic calls Prague Castle his home. Tours of the Prague Castle grant you access to a whole new world of European culture and art. One thing to cross off of the bucket list.  This is a must see while visiting the city of Prague!

2. John Lennon Wall, Czech Republic

 Czech Republic John Lennon Wall

Photo by Patrick Robert Doyle on Unsplash

For local street art, there is not a better place to see it than at the John Lennon Wall. This popular attraction was created as tribute to the late member of The Beatles, John Lennon. Since Lennon’s death in 1980, this used-to-be street wall has brought music fans and travelers together to awe at its creation. Enjoy the little details of the mural as you take artsy photos and admire the wall and all its wonders. A local art tour of Prague cannot truly be complete without the John Lennon Wall added to the itinerary. With its consistent popularity for more than 40 years, it’s no surprise that the John Lennon Wall made it into Tripio App’s Top 10 artistic and historical sites. 

3. Astronomical Clock, Czech Republic

 Czech Republic astronomical clock

Photo by Alexandra Tran on Unsplash

When you are in the Old Town Square in Prague, history and culture are not necessarily difficult to find. It seems that in every direction you look, something will catch your eye. One large piece of history that is sure to do so is the Prague Astronomical Clock. The Astronomical Clock was opened in 1410 and designed by Jan Sindel. This is the oldest clock still in operation in the world and the third-oldest astronomical clock. It’s always an exciting event to hear its bells chime at the strike of the hour. During the chiming, the procession of the Twelve Apostles takes place. This is a great experience and a must visit when you travel to Prague. 

4. Karlstejn Castle 

On the outskirts of Prague, high up on the hilltops looking over the city lies the Karlstejn Castle. This medieval castle was constructed in 1348 and founded by the great Charles IV. The picturesque landscape of Karlstein is sure to please the eye of anyone who travels to Prague. This grand castle once served as the safehouse for Roman Emperors and the Imperial Regala. The Karlstejn Castle is undoubtedly a contender in the Tripio App Top 10 sites to see in Czech Republic. 

5. The Powder Tower, Czech Republic

One of the last remaining city gates is the famed Powder Tower. This historic landmark stands tall and recreates the defense system that once held the city of Prague together. Since 1475, Prague had been guarded by several large gate-like watchtowers in attempts to protect the city from invading armies. Today, the Powder Tower serves as a fantastic historic adventure. Pay a small fee and you and your travel companions can make your way up to the top of the tower and reach a breathtaking view of the Vltava river and the old city. A must see landmark in the inner city. 

6. National Museum of Prague

A combination of art, history and culture await visitors at the National Museum of Prague. The museum was opened to the public in 1818 by Kaspar Maria Sternberg. Since its opening more than 200 years ago, this museum has attracted a vast amount of travelers from around the world. The National Museum is hard to miss as it stands overseeing the Wenceslaus Square and the new city shopping street. Upon entry, you will be greeted by the large full skeleton of a blue whale that overhangs above the museum’s visitors. The National Museum is rich with all different types of historical discoveries, cultural masterpieces and so much more. Tripio needed to add this to our list of the best historic sites in Czech Republic. 

7. Charles Bridge, Czech Republic

 Czech Republic Charles Bridge

Photo by Martin Krchnacek on Unsplash


It’s almost impossible to travel to Prague without crossing over the famous Charles Bridge (Karluv Most). The Charles Bridge was constructed entirely out of stone in the mid 14th-century. Along its walkway, locals and tourists flood the bridge in search of picture perfect moments, which are not hard to find at all. During your visit to the Charles Bridge, local street artists and musicians will make you feel right at home. History lover or not, crossing the Charles Bridge is something every traveler needs to add to their itinerary. Your vacation to Prague is not complete without crossing the Charles Bridge!

8. The State Chateau of Hluboka 

Outside of the Czech Republic’s capital are several more historic sites and landmarks. Just north of Ceske Budejovice lies the State Chateau of Hluboka. Regarded as one of the most beautiful castles in the Czech Republic. The scenery that travelers get when visiting the Chateau Hluboka is absolutely surreal. The now Baroque-style castle was originally constructed in the 13th-century. Over its years, the Chateau Hluboka has changed ownership several times and has undergone many reconstructions. The current castle that stands was reconstructed in the early 18th-century. A tour of the castle grants visitors access to all of the grounds as well as several rooms and corridors inside the castle walls. Great historic site for any traveler visiting the Czech Republic.  A perfect day trip or extended visit from Prague.

9. Sedlec Ossuary (Bone Cathedral) 

 Czech Republic Bone Cathedral

Photo by Trollinho on Unsplash

The small town of Kutna Hora is just a short train eastward from inner-city Prague. This eerie Roman Catholic cathedral was constructed under the Cemetery of All Saints. The Sedlec Ossuary is one of the coolest pieces of historic architecture in the Czech Republic. The interior of the cathedral is seemingly constructed entirely by human remains. The cathedral is filled with a creepy and ominous atmosphere which adds so much to the experience. More than 40,000 skeletons have been rearranged to create the interior of the ossuary chamber. The Sedlec Ossuary is a perfect spooky adventure to add to your itinerary. With a day to spare while touring the Czech Republic, a trip to Kutna Hora and the Sedlec Ossuary is something we at Tripio highly recommend. 

10.  Karlovy Vary (Loket Castle)

One of the bucket list small city vacations from Prague is heading out to Karlovy Vary. A day trip to Karlovy Vary is a must if you have a few days to spare during your vacation in Czech Republic. The colorful buildings and streets provide a magical experience for you when you travel to Karlovy Vary. Activities to keep you and your companions busy include the historic Mill Colonnade and the Diana Observation Tower. The Loket Castle is perhaps the most famous destination in Karlovy Vary. This hilltop castle provides an excellent experience for travelers and history lovers. Tripio simply had to list Karlovy Vary in our Top 10 Historic sites in Czech Republic. This small town offers a much more connected experience to the local life and its culture. Plenty of great adventures await any visitor in Karlovy Vary. 

Honorable Mentions: 

Franz Kafka’s Rotating Head

The Franz Kafka Rotating Head is a hidden gem in inner-city Prague. The design of the rotating head is quite marvelous. Watch the creative street art change its design automatically. This is a quick little art/history/culture activity to add to your inner-city itinerary. Makes for a great opportunity to grab a quick video and continue with your journey exploring the historic city of Prague. 

The Dancing House

 Czech Republic The dancing house Instagram worthy

The Dancing House is a wonderful example of modern Czech architecture. This landmark is located near the waterfront of the Vltava River. Architect Vlado Mulinic designed the Dancing House to resemble the movement of modern dance. Inside The Dancing House is a lovely art gallery and even a rooftop restaurant. 


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