Palm Springs

First Timers Guide to Palm Springs

Palm Springs is one of the most visited destinations on the West Coast. A scenic landscape of desert geography, hot rocky mountains, dancing palm trees and vintage style homes. The greater Palm Springs area is abundant with fun adventures and unique geographic wonder. The town of Palm Spring thrives with culture and atmosphere. Busy streets are flooded with local life and designed for tourists to navigate and enjoy. Palm Spring is enjoyed typically by travelers looking to experience a laxed vacation in the sun. However, there is so much to do in this fun region of Southern California that it is practically suitable for any travelers looking to experience a new travel destination. Tripio has a handful of favorite activities to do and see during your first vacation to Palm Springs. Everything from laxed easy adventures, the best grub in town, arts districts and more. All of these activities and more can be found on the Tripio App and used to create the perfect custom travel itinerary on the Tripio App. Lets get started with the First Timers Guide to Palm Springs!

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Palm Springs Aerial Tram 

Palm Springs Aerial Tram 

Photo by Jess Joyce on Unsplash

We find that there is no better way to start than the world famous Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. This hit attraction is the largest of its kind in the entire world. The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway was established in 1963 as a way to transport from Coachella Valley to the top of the famed San Jacinto peak. For sixty years now this destination has been one of Palm Springs most captivating attractions. The rotating tram compartments were added on later in the year 2000. Fly over the rocky desert mountains with a full 360 degree aerial view of Palm Springs. Highlighting and capturing the beauty of the San Jacinto mountains. A thrilling and wonderful way to kick start any travel vacation to Palm Springs. 

Palm Springs Air Museum

Air Museum

Photo by Bob Osias on Unsplash

For history lovers and first time visitors to Palm Springs, the Palm Springs Air Museum is a no-brainer must-visit destination. This popular museum displays historic aircrafts and the global history of World War II. This museum is a non-profit educational institute with a determination in the productive education for young learners. One of the most important museums and historical sites in all of Palm Springs. Whether it is your first time in Palm Springs or you are a seasoned veteran to the area, the Palm Springs Air Museum is surely an activity that you will want to add to your custom itinerary that you build on the Tripio App. 

Joshua Tree National Park Palm Springs

Joshua Tree National Park

Photo by Cedric Letsch on Unsplash

A First Timers Guide to Palm Springs could not be complete without the mention of Joshua Tree National Park. In fact, most of those who visit/stay in Palm Springs are there because of this vast area of protected land. This National Park in Southern California is one of the most beloved, favorite and visited National Parks in the country. Full of colorful and scenic desert landscapes, jaw dropping sunsets, exciting hiking trails and abundance of the incredibly odd and sacred Joshua trees. Travelers from across the world travel to Palm Springs to see this treasured sect of protected land. A photographer’s haven! You simply cannot visit Palm Springs without at least a day spent in the Joshua Tree National Park. 

Tahquitz Canyon Palm Springs

Tahquitz Canyon

Photo by Jason Weingardt on Unsplash


Tahquitz Canyon is a popular area for exploring, hiking, photography and more. This protected area features a number of small looping trails with a number of fun activities and sites to see. Famous for its natural waterfalls and abundance of desert wildlife. Head up to the Tahquitz Canyon peak for a seriously epic adventure! A hidden gem in the world for adventure enthusiasts planning your custom itinerary for Palm Springs. 

Moorten Botanical Gardens Palm Springs

Moorten Botanical Gardens

Photo by Douglas Sanchez on Unsplash

An often overlooked joint, the Moorten Gardens are one of the finest hidden gems located in Palm Springs. This unique niche botanical garden features a number of plants and animals indigenous to the desert landscape that embodies Palm Springs. Indoor and outdoor gardens full of strong cacti, dangling succulents, tortoises, scorpions, spiders and more. A beautiful and artsy location for hip travelers looking for cool photo ops and a quirky yet cultural and scenic atmosphere. Truly one of Palm Springs best kept secrets. Instagrammers and artsy travelers, this activity is one you will want to check out on the Tripio App!

Mysterious Dinosaurs of Cabazon Palm Springs

Dinosaurs Palm springs

Photo by Chris Long on Unsplash

One of Instagram’s favorite spots in Palm Springs is the unique collection of dinosaurs at Cabazon. Since 1975 Cabazon Dinosaurs has offered a unique attraction for tourists displaying the ‘World’s Biggest Dinosaurs’. The best part of this quirky arts activity is that it is situated right off the side of the road! A super easy and quick dive into the local arts scene and something to definitely cross off of the bucket list. 

Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Museum 

Desert Museum

Photo by Camille Villanueva on Unsplash

A fun visit to the bizarre Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Museum includes an experience of art and adventure. What may look like an odd collection of junk is actually a work of professional artistry. The “museum” features a number of odd buildings and art structures made from all sorts of materials. This is by far one of the coolest and most unique hidden gems in the greater Palm Springs area. Great place for Instagram’s favorite photos. Open to the public free of charge every day of the year. 

Tour the Windmills of Palm Springs

Windmills Palm Springs

Photo by Kelly Repreza on Unsplash

Ever wonder how and why the use of windmills and reusable energy is so important? Start your engine and follow along on a self-guided driving tour of the great windmills that power the Palm Springs area. This tour shows and tells all of the ins-n-outs of the windmill clean energy business. A fun tour in the comfort of your own vehicle (can keep the AC cranked). 

To finish off we will mention Tripio’s favorite bites to eat in the Palm Springs area. 

Sandfish Sushi & Whiskey 

Sushi Palm Springs

Photo by Vinicius Benedit on Unsplash

A vacation to Palm Springs comes with a sense of high life and luxury. Keep that tradition going with a fanciful fine-dining experience. For an authentic fine-dining experience, a reservation at Sandfish Sushi can guarantee that. This upscale outdoor eatery offers a fresh seafood menu with an elegant ambience and glowing atmosphere. To experience fine dining in Palm Springs, book a reservation at Sandfish Sushi.

Sherman’s Deli & Bakery

Bakery Palm springs

Photo by Yeh Xintong on Unsplash

Sherman’s Deli is a wildly popular deli and bakery that has been a neighborhood favorite serving the good people of Palm Springs since the 1950’s. Specialties like sweets and other deli favorites include chopped liver, egg salad and more. A foodie’s must-try restaurant in Palm Springs.

This concludes the First Timers Guide to Palm Springs. All of these activities and more can be found on the Tripio App and used to build the perfect custom itinerary for you!

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-Matthew Knotek, Tripio Guru


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