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Oddities and Adventures In Algarve

We’re talking castles made of human bones, rock formations that make you feel like you’re in the core of a distant moon, zip lines that transcend borders, and so much more. Algarve might be one of Europe’s more affordable vacation spots, but that doesn’t mean it’s a Dollar General knockoff; there’s no shortage of unique […]

Museums a’ Plenty In The Dominican Republic

If you’re looking for a snapshot into an area’s arts, culture, or historical scene, museums are always the best places to do that. In the Dominican Republic, however, there’s more than your typical arts and natural science museum; from amber to rum to revolutionaries, there are museums dedicated to the lesser known aspects of Dominican […]

A Cinephile’s Guide To Morocco

This north African country should frankly be on everyone’s bucket list. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more exciting, scenic, and safe country to visit in this unique part of the world. The history and natural beauty alone make this a top ten destination…but did you know that Morocco is also a favorite stop for […]

Creatures Of Cairns & Where To Find Them

Traveling to Cairns isn’t like traveling to any other city in Australia, or the globe as far as I am concerned. Imagine going to the coolest zoo or animal exhibit you’ve ever experienced, except there are no barriers and you can walk through the exhibit yourself. That is the glory of animals in Cairns.  Cairns […]

Natural Wonders Along The Algarve Coastline

The Algarve coastline is a naturally occurring playground, with rock formations that will blow your mind and challenge your imagination. From natural skylights to beaches straight out of your favorite sci-fi novel, the Algarve region is jam-packed with wonders. Need some ideas about where to start? Read on, intrepid traveler, and let Tripio guide the […]

Rock The Kasbahs Of Morocco

Ah Morocco…land of deserts, Berber tea, trees with goats in them (yep, they’re absolutely real), and plenty of kasbahs to explore. Let us here at Tripio share the best and most beautiful Kasbahs on earth with you. I assume you’ve heard The Clash song before (although, they spell it with a ‘c’ instead of a […]

Belgium: Top Castles & Forts

Even among the crowded European cultural landscape, shaped by centuries of war, peace, alliances, treachery, and the UEFA Europa Football League, Belgium stands out as one of the most culturally complex countries you can visit. It’s a country where Dutch is primarily spoken in the North, and French primarily in the South. Where historic battlefields […]

Best Belgium Chocolate Spots

Chocolate is grown and made around the world. Every continent can brag about being the best country or region for the sweet stuff. Europe’s chocolate capital is cool and unassuming Belgium, hands down. What makes Belgian chocolate so unique? Maybe it’s their signature pralines, or chocolate shells filled with flavored cores. Maybe it’s their insistence […]

Travel The Puerto Rican Timeline

History and culture are the lifeblood of Puerto Rico. Any history or art buff will find plenty of great adventures to knock off their bucket list when they travel here. Distinctly American and Caribbean in identity, Puerto Rico has a rich history dating back to before the arrival of Christopher Columbus. This is when the […]

Puerto Rico In Four Beaches

Any nation or island in the Caribbean can make a claim to having some of the best beaches in the world. However, at Tripio, we can confirm that Puerto Rico is able to back it up. Hey, it isn’t called the “Enchanted Island” for nothing. There’s really something for everyone who travels here, and that’s […]