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Natural Wonders Along The Algarve Coastline

The Algarve coastline is a naturally occurring playground, with rock formations that will blow your mind and challenge your imagination. From natural skylights to beaches straight out of your favorite sci-fi novel, the Algarve region is jam-packed with wonders. Need some ideas about where to start? Read on, intrepid traveler, and let Tripio guide the way!

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Discover The Benagil Caves, Nature’s Natural Skylight

Caves Algrave

Photo by Joke Langens on Unsplash

Who doesn’t love a skylight window? It brightens up the room, and allows those rays chock full of vitamin D inside. The naturally occurring skylights in the Benagil Caves, however, will put Lowes to shame! 

Years of rainfall have eroded the limestone ceiling of this cave, creating several openings that allow sunlight in. It’s like being inside one of those roller dog balls with the holes in them, or a hollow planet. The largest of these holes is known as “The Eye,” and you are the apple of it!

Getting here is an adventure in and of itself. The cave is only able to be reached by sea, and during the low tide. The tides here have been compared to being in three Olympic pools, which motivates many to reach this spot via kayak or by swimming there. For those who want to see the cave, but don’t want to challenge these turbulent waters, there are also organized boat tours that will take you here.

Choose the method of travel you prefer, and make your way into this delightful den; it’s one of Algarve’s most scenic stops, and should be on any Portugal traveler’s bucket list!

Embark On The Seven Hanging Valleys Trail

Seven Hanging Valleys

Photo by Alice Kotlyarenko on Unsplash

Despite the rather ominous name, this is one of the most challenging trails hikers can seek to tame in all of Europe. Hikers will get an in-depth look at the region’s signature coastline, and its artisan outcroppings. The Seven Hanging Valleys Trail offers a glimpse into the seven colors of the rainbow, from the golden beaches, to the blue waters, to the red cliff faces. 

While the trail offers one of the best ways to experience the Algarve coastline, it doesn’t come easy. This 7.4 mile out-and-back trail has an elevation gain of 1,292 feet. So bring your hiking shoes and plenty of water and snacks to keep your energy up. 

Take In The Wildlife On The Ludo Hiking Trail

wildlife hike Portugal

Photo by Mark Stoop on Unsplash

If you want a less-demanding tour of the beauty of the Algarve region. Check out the Ludo Hiking Trail in the Ria Formosa National Park Faro. This wildlife refuge is a favorite for birdwatchers, thanks to the unique blend of different habitats at work here. You’ll meet flamingos, storks, osprey, herons and more!

Best of all, like I mentioned at the beginning of this entry, the trail is a short and easy 1.8 miles. Featuring only a minimal elevation gain of 26 feet. You can feel free to pause at any time and watch the birds or the planes taking off from the nearby Faro Airport. Take the trail by bike or by foot; either way, you’ll enjoy an easy adventure with some truly social-media worthy pics!

It’s Beach Time At Praia da Falesia

Praia da Falesia

Photo by Colin + Meg on Unsplash

You can find what many consider to be the most beautiful beach in all of Portugal just outside of Albufeira. Known as Praia da Falesia, the beach is the kind you might see on a postcard. Natural, isolated, and quiet, it’s perfect for those looking for a beach experience far-removed from the noise and crowds of the city.

The beach is flanked by fiery orange cliffs that seem to simmer in the setting sun, dotted by verdant trees and flowers. The water is clear and blue, and the stark contrast between high and low tide makes the beach a different experience every time you go. During low tide, you can find paths to other beaches and natural attractions nearby. At high tide, the water is excellent for activities like surfing. 

Last But Not Least, Explore Ponta da Piedade

Ponta da Piedade

Photo by Cristiano Pinto on Unsplash

If Praia da Falesia isn’t remote enough for you, consider the beach at Ponta da Piedade. The rock formations and cliff-side trails make for an eye-catching adventure, but wait until you delve down the cliff to the beach… 

You want to talk isolated? How about being surrounded by cliff faces on all sides! It’s a long walk down these wooden stairs to the beach below, but it’s worth it. Exploring the many caves along the coast will feel like being in a Legend of Zelda game. 

If you choose to stay above, there are plenty of lookout points for taking pictures of the glamorous water and sandstone formations. There’s also a historic lighthouse, which you can find by taking a relatively easy trail (easier than scaling some of these rock formations!). 

Use Tripio to Plan Your Next Adventure

Natural beauty covers the Algarve coastline, and this article only scratches the surface. Whether you’re a simple traveler looking for that next great vacation or adventure, or a seasoned travel guru looking to knock off some stops on your bucket list, the Algarve coastline will check every box.

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-Joshua Faulks, Tripio Guru


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