Gold Coast: Top 10 Thrills And Chills

The Gold Coast in southern Queensland, Australia is a metropolis on the beach. It boasts a whopping 44 miles of white sandy beaches that stretch for as far as the eye can see. Moreover, the Gold Coast is a top destination for tourists and Australians alike. The city is extremely modern and clean with its city blocks leading straight out onto the beach. So be sure to wear your best swimmers cause there is literally a whole city looking at you. Its unique location sets it apart from other beaches in Australia as most other beaches are fairly remote and far from amenities. 

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It isn’t just the beaches that the Gold Coast is famous for, it’s the theme parks. The Gold Coast is home to 5 of the largest theme parks in the whole country and they are all within a few miles of each other. These parks include, Movie World, Dreamworld, Wet ‘n’ Wild, Seaworld and whitewater world. 

If theme parks aren’t really your thing, there is the absolutely stunning hinterland to explore. There is 34 miles of hinterland that is home to glow worm caves, waterfalls, lush rainforests, mountains, valleys and countless hiking trails. You could spend days just taking in the gorgeous nature that the region offers. 

With a metropolitan city, white sandy beaches, theme parks and hinterland, what more could the Gold Coast offer. Well, an exciting nightlife. This is the place everyone from Brisbane comes to for a night out. Home to dozens of world class nightclubs and casinos, it is no wonder that thousands of Aussies flock to the Gold Coast for a party.

The weather is beautiful most of the year. The Gold Coast does experience 4 seasons however, they are quite mild. The weather is almost always sunnier in the winter months. Getting around is fairly easy with public transport, there is a train line that directly links Brisbane to the Gold Coast with buses and trams that connect the rest of the coast pretty well. The Gold Coast is an all-round great vacation destination. 

10. SkyPoint Climb, Gold Coast

Gold Coast Skypoint Climb

Photo by @vegoutt_gem_winchester on IG

Coming in at number 10 on our Tripio thrills and chills custom top 10 list for the Gold Coast is the Q1 skypoint climb. The skypoint climb is a must-do attraction for the thrill-seeker, it takes you to the top of the Q1 resort on the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is a great vacation destination and doing this climb gives you the best view of the incredible skyscraper lined coastline. Furthermore, add the Skypoint climb to your custom itinerary on the Tripio App if you aren’t afraid of heights. This climb takes you up 900 feet above the city below. You will be given a briefing and be harnessed up by a professional on the ground and then you will commence your climb to the top. The view is spectacular.

9. Cape Byron Walking Track

Gold Coast Cape Byron

Photo by @vegoutt_gem_winchester on IG

The Cape Bryon walking track offers some of the most spectacular views in Australia. This incredible 2.5 mile circuit track starts at the Byron Bay Lighthouse and takes you to the Easternmost point of Australia. In addition, there are some steep steps and the trail takes a couple hours to complete. However, longer with stops as you will want to take photographs for your vacation album. 

8. Glow Worm Caves, Gold Coast

Gold Coast Glow worm caves

Photo by @cristianmh16 on IG

The Glow Worm caves on Mount Tamborine are an incredible bucket list ticking natural phenomena. It is well worth traveling up the mountain to visit these caves. In addition, you will get the incredible opportunity to see these remarkable glowing worms in their natural habitat. Embarking on an adventure guided by a biologist through the caves that are located in a rehabilitated forest that has successfully thrived after vigorous replanting efforts. This one should be on everyone’s top 10 as it is such a unique experience. Don’t miss out on the frog and insect exhibit which is self-guided and included with your ticket. Check out what other attractions are around you on Mount Tamborine on the Tripio app.

7. Dracula’s Cabaret, Gold Coast

Gold Coast Dracula's

Photo by @hoglund87 on IG

Dracula’s Cabaret is an award-winning dinner and show on the Gold Coast. You will be served a 3-course dinner with death by chocolate to finish. This is a horror themed cabaret show that’s scary, rude and crude. It is bound to send chills down your spine. Moreover, this horror show shouldn’t be on the itinerary of the faint of heart. It definitely makes for an unusual dining experience not suitable for children or those who are easily offended. When creating your custom itinerary on the Tripio app, ensure to select kid friendly if you are traveling with children to avoid places like this one being recommended to you.

6. Outback Spectacular

Gold Coast Outback Spectacular

Photo by @vegoutt_gem_winchester on IG

Outback spectacular is an incredible must-see dinner and show. Consequently, everyone traveling to the Gold Coast for a vacation has to include this on their itinerary. This incredible experience takes you through what it was like on the outback station which is what the Aussies call a ranch. You will start off the night with pre-drinks in the barn where you can meet some of the stars of the show, like Digger the dog. You will be given an aussie hat to keep and be led into the arena where you will be seated for your delicious 3-course meal all while being entertained by some of Australia’s best horse riders and stunt performers. This is a show of a lifetime and has to be in your top 10.

5. WhiteWater World

Gold Coast Whitewater World

Photo by @vegoutt_gem_winchester on IG

The Gold Coast is the home of theme parks. WhiteWater World is owned by DreamWorld and is one of two major water parks here on the coast. WhiteWater World is a seasonal water park open throughout Australia’s warmer months. It is open from September to April. It offers 11 water slides, a wave pool and the only hydro-coaster in Australia. I highly recommend giving the hydro-coaster a go for the thrill seeker.

4. Wet ‘n’ Wild

Coming in at number 4 is the other water park that the Gold Coast has to offer. Wet’n’Wild is the biggest and best water park in Australia. In addition, it offers 17 water slides, 2 pools, Jacuzzis, a massive wave pool with a large movie screen and several intense rides and slides like the Tornado, Constrictor, Surfrider, Kamikaze, and AquaLoop which drop you 55 feet and up to 40mph. That gave me chills just writing that. Are you ready for a free body free fall down Australia’s tallest water slide?

3. Movie World, Hollywood On The Gold Coast

Gold Coast Movie World

Photo by @vegoutt_gem_winchester on IG

Warner Bros Movie World is Hollywood on the Gold Coast. This amazing theme park is one of the best in the entire country. In addition, in terms of themeing, this park wins. It offers an abundance of rides from the superman which launches you from 0 to 100mph in 7 seconds to the Scooby Doo spooky coaster. This park offers a few high-intensity thrill rides but also easy going fun rides for those not so adventurous at heart.

There is something for everyone with fantastic character meet and greets with DC legends like Batman, The Joker, Wonder Women and the Flash. Meet Mystery Ink with Scooby Doo and the gang, you may even spot Marilyn Monroe and Bugs Bunny. Furthermore, featuring a large kids zone, this park is great for the whole family. When you are building your custom itinerary on the Tripio app, ensure to select kid friendly if you plan to bring the little ones along. Movie World has some of the best family-friendly shows.

2. DreamWorld

Gold Coast Dreamworld

Photo by @vegoutt_gem_winchester on IG

DreamWorld comes in at number 2 on our top 10 list. DreamWorld is a huge theme park spread out over 200 acres, this is Australia’s largest with over 40 rides and attractions. In addition, what makes DreamWorld so great is its diverse offerings. Furthermore, it has everything from extreme thrill rides to tame ones and you can even meet kangaroos in their free roaming enclosure. This means you can get up close and personal with these beautiful animals. Meeting a Kangaroo and a Koala has to be on most travelers bucket lists. DreamWorld offers adventure for the whole family. This park is also home to Tiger Island where you can watch Bengal and white Bengal tigers roam their enclosures. The veterinarians here run a fantastic breeding program to try and bring back the world’s population of Bengal tigers. If you are lucky enough, you may even see some cute cubs.

1. Sea World

Gold Coast Sea World

Photo by @vegoutt_gem_winchester on IG

Coming in at Number 1 on our custom top 10 thrills and chills list for the Gold Coast is Sea World. Sea world combines the best elements of all the other theme parks. It offers incredible themed shows with the best stunt performers in Australia. Furthermore, they combine jet skis and jet packs to put together wonderful shows. This park offers plenty of adrenaline pumping thrill rides as well that can definitely compete with the other parks. To top it all off, they have animals too, polar bears, sea lions and dolphins.

Furthermore, you can even book interactive experiences with the dolphins and sea lions. Sea World on the Gold Coast is a leading vacation destination. Therefore, people travel from all over the world to spend time on the Gold Coast. However, before you plan your vacation, get the Tripio app and create a custom itinerary for yourself to ensure that you only spend quality time at the attractions that you want to and that suit your individual wants and needs. Thanks for reading another Tripio top 10.

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-Gemma Winchester, Tripio Guru


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