10 Best Photo Spots In Madrid

Spain’s fabulous capital city of Madrid receives over 6 million tourists each year- it’s a wildly popular travel destination and for good reasons. The second-largest city in the EU, only after Berlin, should definitely be on your top 10 list of places to see! The Tripio App will help you plan the perfect getaway vacation, no matter the length. Our app can find exactly what you’ll enjoy doing around the city, so leave it up to Tripio to create your Custom Top 10 and Itinerary. Imagine yourself trying new food, having adventures and experiences all while checking off bucket list items! History buffs, artists, dancers, foodies, architects, and photographers alike will enjoy being surrounded by the beauty, life, and rich culture. Let’s discover the best photo spots in Madrid!

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Follow your itinerary from the Tripio App to have the ideal vacation in Madrid! We’ll show you exactly what you are most interested in. Delight in horseback riding through the mountains, a hot air balloon ride over a castle, and an impressive array of museums; visit Real Madrid’s home stadium, catch a flamenco show, admire the artwork of Goya, Velasquez, and more. Tripio has done all the legwork to find the best and brightest activities, eats, and more. Take advantage of these once-in-a-lifetime adventures with a custom itinerary. It’s easy to make Spain’s capital your next destination!

The rich history of this city will fascinate you. The city dates back to the 9th century! You can find everything from an Egyptian temple gifted to Spain in 1960, Cervantes’ and Goya’s remains, Europe’s first triumphal arch built after the fall of the Roman empire, the Royal Quartet by Strativarius, the world’s oldest restaurant, the largest functioning palace in Europe, and SO MUCH more! 

Furthermore, take Madrid’s climate into account when you travel. It’s Europe’s sunniest city, and the average summer temperature is quite hot, while the winter can be very chilly, and it even snows! Bring sunscreen in the summer and warm clothes in the winter, and you’ll be all set to enjoy all the culture, history, and fun that Madrid has to offer. Buen viaje!

Best Photo Spots In Madrid: Beautiful Artist’s Oasis in the City – The Sorolla Museum

top photo spot Madrid Sorolla Museum

Photo by herflowerpassport on IG

Among the top 10 amazing places to photograph and relax away from the crowds is The Sorolla Museum. This charming, small building preserves the original atmosphere of both the home and study of the painter Joaquín Sorolla. Go enjoy some of the most beautiful, colorful paintings that radiate life and play with light.

The whole setting is very rich and includes a garden designed by Sorrolla himself, who studied in Paris, Italy, and Spain. It’s a virtual oasis in the grand city! Seeing all the art and rooms at the Sorolla doesn’t take long, giving you enough time to also enjoy the gardens and the unique gift shop, before continuing on your tours. It’s a museum unlike others; come enjoy lovely art for very cheap while you’re in Madrid!

Best Photo Spots: Crystal Palace – In the Heart of El Retiro Park

best photo spots Madrid crystal palace

Photo by Eduardo Rodriguez on Unsplash

Hidden in the center of the gorgeous, gigantic relaxing nature park called El Retiro, you’ll find the Crystal Palace (Palacio de Cristal). It’s a unique 19th century glass building, which is free to enter. Talk about a photogenic place! You can take wonderful pictures of the “palace” itself, along with the lake and trees surrounding it. 

The architecture of this place is unique in and of itself, and it often has an art exhibit inside. The environment is natural and beautiful, there are tons of photo opportunities, and you can get lost for hours while admiring beauty of many kinds. While you’re there, take a closer look at the ducks, black swans, geese, and turtles that also call the lake their home!

Best Photo Spots In Madrid: Paddle on the Great Pond of El Retiro Park

El Retiro park

Photo by Vitaliy Zamedyanskiy on Unsplash

This area of Madrid’s huge El Retiro Park, “Estanque,” means “pond.” One of the best things to do in the park is renting a paddle boat that will only cost you a few Euros! The pond is vast and was actually made in the mid-1600s as the royal family’s water playground. The grandiose monument that overlooks the lake is a memorial to Alfonso XII, the Peace-Maker. He stands at the top of the giant statue, in full military dress and on horse-back. 

Spend 45 minutes or so floating and paddling around the pond, enjoying the nice weather and views. It’s definitely a more touristy area of the park, but worth the visit. Paddling around the lake, you’ll see many other nice landscapes and people relaxing, exercising, making music, etc. Get a little exercise and have fun while you’re at it!

Barrio Malasaña- Explore Madrid’s Coolest Neighborhood

best photo spots Madrid

Photo by Jose Manuel Viloria Martin on Unsplash

Considered by many people to be Madrid’s most hip barrio, the magical neighborhood called Malasaña is worth getting lost in for a while. Its counterculture and creative roots go back decades. You just have to go see for yourself what the hype is about! 

Walk the colorful, retro streets chock full of vintage clothing shops, vibey cafes, bakeries, cool buildings, tattoo shops, antique shops, all sorts of grocery/fish/meat stores, bars, and bistros. There are a variety of options to eat, drink, do and see in Malasaña, no matter who you are or what your custom itinerary results are!

Stick around at night to visit the fun dance clubs and rock clubs with live bands. You’re sure to have an experience outside of the norm, and you could easily spend days in the area. It’s a fascinating place to photograph life! Discover Malasaña: lively yet safe, and old-world yet hip.

Best Photo Spots In Madrid: Visit a Stunning Cathedral – Basilica de San Francisco el Grande

Photo by Hernan Gonzalez on Unsplash

This cathedral should be on your bucket list if you like art and photography! Featuring one of the largest domes (measuring 103 feet across) of any active church in Europe, this gorgeous basilica is located only a few blocks from the Royal Palace and other attractions. Although it’s plain-looking on the outside, the inside is spectacular and makes it a top thing to do in Madrid.

Admire the well-preserved artwork by artists such as Goya; the sheer grandeur of the building will make you feel small. It’s definitely worth the few euros to enter, and on Saturdays it’s free! There are guided tours Tuesday-Friday, which are also very interesting. Besides being an important religious monument, it’s one of the city’s architectural highlights.

Shop at the Famous Gran Via Street

Gran Via Street

Photo by alevision.co on Unsplash

Highly photographed throughout the ages, the famous Gran Via is a traditional Spanish avenue that’s busy and bustling with diverse people at any time. It caters to tourists, as it is full of everything you could want and need to buy. Plus, the street is very visually appealing, perfect for some photo opportunities and a top thing to do in Madrid.

There are many impressive buildings to look at while you shop for souvenirs or stop by the boutiques, restaurants, small tapas bars, ice cream parlors, and cafes. Gran Via is arguably Madrid’s best shopping hub, and the ideal destination for all your shopping needs. The people watching here is top notch, too! Be a tourist for a minute and enjoy.

See Flowering Trees in Spring – Parque de la Quinta de los Molinos

Flowering trees Madrid Spain best photo spots

Photo by Lennon Caranzo on Unsplash

This charming, little-known park is famous for its almond trees which bloom beautifully in springtime (February-March). A trip here would be well worth the magic of that time! It originated as a rustic-urban recreational estate, so it has a romantic landscape and a farm vibe. The park includes lovely walking paths and some well-kept garden areas. You’ll find other types of trees, such as pine, olive, eucalyptus, cypress, and of course the famous almonds. Escape the frantic energy of the city and take pictures, walk, jog, have a picnic, and just relax in the shade of the many trees. 

The windmills that give the park its name were imported from the U.S. and they helped to make this estate the first sustainable work of architecture/agriculture in Spain’s history. Access to Parque Quinta de los Molinos is easy by arriving at Suanzes metro station. It’s the perfect location for a photo shoot!

Best Photo Spots In Madrid: Royal Palace of Madrid

Royal Palace of Madrid, Spain

Photo by Kristijan Arsov on Unsplash

A trip to Madrid would be incomplete without visiting this famous palace; the largest one in Europe! Go wonder at its rococo style decorating over 3,000 extravagant and gilded rooms. With historical and architectural significance, the Royal Palace of Madrid is worth a visit for anyone visiting the city. Don’t miss out on an Instagram-worthy picture in front of the luxurious building, either.

If you are in Madrid on the first Wednesday of the month, you can also see the Exchange of the Guard ceremony from 12:15 pm-1:15 pm. There is so much history and opulence here to experience and learn about. Tripio App will probably put this experience in your Custom Top 10 because it is a truly impressive, unique, photogenic experience. Book your tour now! 

Popular Market – Mercado San Miguel

markets Madrid, Spain best photo spots

Photo by Andrés Alagón on Unsplash

Although the crowds at this popular street market might seem daunting, Tripio recommends that foodies and wine fans should make a stop here. High quality food tastings happen at this wholesale market; it’s one of the most famous in Europe! It’s at the heart of Spain’s capital, close to many attractions, and offers amazing tapas! Plus, the atmosphere and sheer number of selections are worth a few interesting photos.

You can choose to sample food on-site, or grab some wine, cheese, or other Spanish delicacies to go. Try some Iberian ham, bao buns, prawns, tapas, olives, and some of the many pastries! While you might not always be able to sit down, it’s cool to see the variety of delicious Spanish foods and wine, and experience them yourself.

Best Photo Spots In Madrid: Walk in Nature – Parque del Oeste (West Park)

park Madrid Spain

Photo by adrian pascual on Unsplash

A wonderful escape on a sunny day! This gigantic park is much less visited than El Retiro park, and it’s the perfect spot to walk, jog, bike, or just unwind with the sounds of birds. Parque del Oeste is green and full of walkways, nature, fountains, sculptures, and monuments to look at and photograph.

Your vacation in Madrid should definitely include a walk or relaxation in this lovely park. In the summer especially it holds many events, concerts, etc. to attend. It’s within close proximity to many museums and important monuments, so it’s great when you have a few extra hours to kill. Local tip: Find the cobblestone path that runs along the stream in this park- enjoy! 

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